These symptoms are visible in the child while teething, take care of special things

Symptoms of TeethingIf your little one is crying for no reason, putting everything in his mouth or is upset for no reason, then it may be that new teeth of your baby are coming. Actually, when the new teeth of children come out, it is very painful for them. Not only this, some changes also occur in the body in the process of teething, but due to lack of information, parents are unable to understand and start getting upset unnecessarily.

When do teeth come out?

wemd According to this, baby teeth usually start coming out between 4 to 7 months. However, many children also have a delay in teething, which is not a cause for concern.

these are the symptoms

  1. irritability and frequent crying

Actually, the gums of children suffer during teething. In such a situation, they remain irritable and upset. They also have problems sleeping. In such a situation, caress them to calm down and let them do favorite things. Try to distract.
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2. Having loose motion

The problem of diarrhea is very common during the teething of a child. This problem can last for 2 to three days. In some children this problem is not visible. But in some children this problem is more. If the baby is getting week then you can take help from the doctor. At this time, give them dal water, rice water etc.

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3. Putting Everything in Your Mouth

If your child is putting everything in the mouth for a few days, then these are also symptoms of teething. In fact, when the tooth erupts, the gums hurt. In such a situation, children get relief from chewing. In such a situation, keep in mind that there are no dirty things around the child. It would be better to massage the gums of children with clean fingers. Give toys to them only after cleaning them every time.

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