These symptoms including fatigue, depression can last for a long time in people who have recovered from corona – Research

Symptoms After Recovering From Covid 19 : Even after recovering from the corona virus, people can have symptoms related to it for a long time. According to the news published in Dainik Jagran, a new study done by Oxford University of Britain Study This claim has been made in According to this study, even after three to six months of corona infection, at least one symptom was found in more than 35 percent of the people. According to researchers, the most common symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, stomach problems and anxiety or depression have been found in people who have recovered from corona.

Researchers have drawn this conclusion on the basis of a study done on more than 2 lakh 70 thousand people who have recovered from corona infection. In this, the long impact of Corona was noticed. Researchers say that usually long-term corona symptoms were found in those victims who were hospitalized. This problem has also been found in women.

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Symptoms like breathing problems and memory loss were found in the elderly and men. Whereas headache, stomach problems and anxiety or depression were found more in women. lead researcher of the study Paul Harrison Said, ‘It needs immediate attention that why not everyone recovers completely from Corona soon. We need to identify the mechanism based on the various symptoms that can affect those recovering from corona.

According to the study, there are 9 main COVID symptoms that occur after 90-180 days of recovery from COVID-19.

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Abnormal breathing – 8%
Abdominal symptoms – 8%
Anxiety/Depression – 15%
Chest/throat pain – 6%
Cognitive problems (‘brain fog’) – 4%
Fatigue – 6%
Headache – 5%
Myalgia (muscle pain) – 1.5%
Other pain – 7%
Any of the above problems – 37%

And if the entire 1-180 day period after COVID-19 infection is included, then it saw a much higher rate of these symptoms.

More than one symptom of Kovid was found in many patients and the symptoms got worse with the passage of time. Similar symptoms were also found in people recovering from influenza or flu in the study. Symptoms appeared in people after influenza, but were 1.5 times more common after Kovid-19.

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