This anti-viral gene will identify the common danger of Alzheimer’s and Kovid

Genetic link Between Risk for Alzheimer and COVID : Scientists have achieved great success in identifying the common risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a disease that has engulfed the world, and Alzheimer’s disease in people over the age of 50 in Western countries. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, scientists have identified such an anti-viral gene, which can affect the risk of Alzheimer’s and severe corona infection. Held at University College London (UCL), UK Study It is estimated that a genetic type of gene called OAS1 increases the risk of Alzheimer’s in 3 to 6 percent of people.

It has also been found in the study that this gene can also increase the risk of serious corona infection. The results of this study have been published in the journal Brain. published Has been done.

Similar changes in the immune system
Leading researchers from UCL’s Queen Square Institute of Neurology and the UK Dementia Research Institute Dr. Dervis SalihIt has to be said, ‘Alzheimer’s disease mainly occurs due to the accumulation of harmful amyloid protein in the brain. Inflammation in the brain also becomes a major factor in this, which shows the importance of the immune system in this disease.

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Dr Salih further said that we have found in research that there can be almost the same change in the immune system in both Alzheimer’s disease and corona virus (Kovid-19).

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Conclusion based on genetic data
Dr Salih further says that the brain of a patient with a serious infection of corona can also change. Here we have identified a gene, which may contribute to enhancing an immune response and this will increase the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Corona. Researchers have made this conclusion based on the analysis of genetic data of 2,547 people.

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