This homegrown recipe of hair expert Jawed Habib will help to accelerate hair growth

Hair Growth Tips: Lack of hair growth or growth stagnation is a problem that most people go through. For this, people do not know how many types of hair care products take help. But there is no guarantee that its results will be better. But if you follow the hair care tips of the country’s well-known hair expert and hair stylist Jawed Habib for your hair care. So there is a sure guarantee that you are going to get good results.

Now you must be wondering how their tips can reach you. So let us tell you that Javed Habib has told a home and herbal way to accelerate hair growth through a video. By adopting which you can help in speeding up hair growth. Let’s know about it.

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Prepare recipe like this

According to Jawed Habib, only two things are needed to speed up hair growth. In which only coconut milk i.e. coconut milk and honey are included. To prepare this, mix one spoon of honey in half a cup of coconut milk and mix it well. Keep in mind that the mixing of both the things should be very good. After mixing these two, this mixture will start looking like a thick cream.

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use this way

You have to use this mixture prepared from coconut milk and honey on your scalp. With the help of a hair color brush, it has to be applied to the hair roots and hair in the same way as while applying hair color or henna to the hair. When you have applied it well all over the head, after that squeeze a towel soaked in warm water and wrap it in your hair. Keep in mind that this towel should not be too hot or too cold. Keep this towel wrapped for twenty minutes and then shampoo.

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