This person made such a bike, starts listening to the sound and sings the song

You must have seen many types of automatic motorcycles. But the cost of those motorcycles is also very high. But a person has made such a motorcycle which is much better than the original motorcycle. financial express According to the news of this person’s name is Mohammad Sayeed. The specialty of this motorcycle is that it can balance itself, due to which it comes off the stand itself. However, it is not yet known which technology has been used in it, nor has it been confirmed where this person is from.

Apart from this, there are many other features in this motorcycle. For example, there are two speakers in the motorcycle, which start playing songs with gestures and stop with gestures. Not only this, this motorcycle is also started with voice commands and gestures. Some such gesture features are found in expensive cars. In this video you can see that this person named Mohammad Saeed starts the motorcycle by saying ‘Tarzan’.

Looking at the video, it seems that this is a 1990 model Suraj bike which is powered by a 325 cc diesel engine with gearbox. News18 Hindi does not take any responsibility for the correctness of this video posted on Twitter by a person named Abhishek Kaul.

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