This time, ‘Alibag’ arrives to spend the holiday, enjoy the romantic sunset on the beach

Holiday In Alibaug: Alibag located in Maharashtra is a very beautiful and small town situated on the sea beach. Alibaug is located in the Konkan region of Raigad district. Alibaug is the best destination center for the couple away from the crowd and the noise of the cities. There is a lot here where you can spend quality time with your partner. Alibaug is surrounded by sea on three sides. Colaba Fort is present here which was built by Shivaji Maharaj. Recently, actress Deepika Padukone has bought a luxurious bungalow in Alibaug for Rs 22 crore. Due to being near Mumbai, many celebrities keep going to Alibaug to spend their holidays.

At the same time, many celebrities also reach here to party, which includes the name of Shahrukh Khan and his family, Salman Khan and his family and Kareena Kapoor and his girls gang. Let us know which place of Alibaug is special and why it is so famous among tourists.

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Alibaug Beach
If you like walking in beaches, then you can visit Alibaug Beach. The best thing about this beach is that you can see the beautiful view of Colaba Fort from here. You can also take a small boat ride to see the fort up close. Here you can also enjoy water sports activities like kayaking, jet ski, scuba diving. Here you can also see 400 years old Ganesh temple. Also, the romantic scene of sunset can also be cherished in the heart.

Murud-Janjira Fort
Murud Janjira Fort is about 54 km from Alibaug and is spread over an area of ​​about 22 acres. The fort was originally a wooden structure, which was later renovated by Sidi Sirul Khan in the 17th century. It has 23 bastions 30-40 feet high, which are still present today. The best time to visit this place is between March to October. You can visit this fort from 7 am to 6 am.

Harihareshwar Temple
Harihareshwar Temple is also located near Alibag. It is one of the oldest temples of Raigad. It was constructed in the 17th century. Rich in beautiful architecture, this temple is one of the best places to visit near Alibaug.

Colaba Fort
Colaba Fort is there to visit near Alibaug Beach. It attracts tourists towards itself. This fort is situated near the sea which is about 2 kms from Alibaug. Colaba Fort is a 300 year old fort, which was once the main naval station during the rule of Shivaji Maharaj. From the fort you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea.

Nagaon Beach
If you are fond of adventure water sports activities, then definitely visit Nagaon Beach in Alibaug. Its beach is about 3 kilometers long and is an ideal place for tourists to indulge in activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. You can also see the beautiful sunset while strolling on this beach in the evening.

Revdanda Fort
The view of the beautiful beaches from Revdanda Fort is amazing. There are coconut trees and betel nut plantations around the Revdanda Fort and this place is adorned with the aroma of rare species of flora, which is called Bakuli in the local language.

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Khanderi Fort
Khanderi Fort is another enchanting tourist place to visit near Alibaug. This huge fort was built in 1678 by the Peshwa dynasty. The beauty of the sea view from the fort is worth seeing. This fort is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the beautiful beach called Thai Beach.

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