This tire is special, tells the condition of the road through sensors

There was a time when no one could even imagine that a self-driving car could ever be made. But today such technology is being worked on and it is expected that very soon such a car will be in front of all of us. Similarly, if someone tells you that the tires of the car will now tell the condition of the road, then you can hardly believe it, but now it is going to happen.

Actually, times drive According to the report, Pirelli Tire Company has made such a tire that will connect through 5G and tell the condition of the road. Last week, the company showcased a tire that will give all the road related information after connecting to the 5G network.

Pirelli has become the first company in the world to manufacture this type of tire. Sensors installed in these tires connect to the 5G network and tell about the danger of aquaplaning (accident on a waterlogged road). In a press release Pirelli said, “The censoring of tires is part of the Pirelli company’s ‘Perfect Fit’ strategy which is focused on tailor made products and services. This will enhance the convenience of carmakers, fleet and drivers. This will make traveling in a car much easier in the times to come.

How does it work-
Pirelli has installed a number of sensors in the Cyber ​​Tire which will not only inform the model of the tire, distance traveled etc. but also about the dangers of the road, poor grip, presence of water and many other things in the coming time. This information given to the car will make it easier to drive. The special thing is that this information can be shared with other cars nearby.

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