This way you can identify the increasingly popular silicone utensils

Benefits of silicon utensil: As much as the maker and the food ingredients are important for cooking, the utensils are equally important. The taste of eating from utensils may be affected. Apart from this, if the utensils are not right, then the food can also burn. Therefore, the selection of utensils should be done very carefully. Nowadays, silicone utensils are becoming popular. Silicone spatulas, spoons, brushes, moulds, tongs etc. are fast replacing plastic, steel, wooden utensils etc. nowadays. Silicone utensils are very flexible and durable. It doesn’t even have a scratch. Thus silicone utensils have many advantages. However, it is important to identify the original silicone utensil.

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what is silicone pot
Indian Express Talking to Dietitian Lakshita Jain says, people often think of silicone as plastic but it is a synthetic rubber made up of the bond of silicon and oxygen. Silicon is made of silica or sand quartz. Carbon is also mixed in some silicone utensils. However, instead of carbon, silicon is used more in this.

How to identify silicone utensils
Smell: Ordinary silicone has a strong odor. Although some silica gel utensils also have a mild smell, but after some time this smell goes away on its own. After this the use of this utensil becomes safe.
Touch: Food grade silica gel utensils have good strength and flexibility. It is felt by touching. It cannot be twisted by stretching, whereas ordinary silicone products can be twisted easily. Ordinary silicone feels rough to the touch.

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why are they beneficial
Silicone utensils are cheap. It is very durable.
– Silicone utensils can withstand temperatures of 220 degrees.
It is flexible and changes in temperature are also instant.
Baking or steaming food can also be cooked in silicone utensils.
– It does not even have stains. Even if any color gets lost, it can be easily removed.

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