Thyroid imbalance can cause serious problems, do not ignore these symptoms

Know thyroid symptomsSmall things in life play a huge role, like our thyroid gland. It is a butterfly-shaped organ, which produces a certain amount of thyroid hormone. This hormone controls many bodily functions. Due to imbalance in this, many types of problems can arise in our body. Over production of these hormones leads to hyperthyroidism and under production leads to hypothyroidism. Diksha Bhavsar, a doctor of Ayurveda, has told people through social media some important causes and symptoms of thyroid imbalance.

In his Instagram post, Dr. Diksha has written that Thyroid is the soul of your endocrine system. We often ignore its imbalance, due to which the imbalance in the thyroid reaches a serious level. So pay attention to these symptoms.

The main function of the thyroid gland is metabolism. It helps in digesting the food you eat and absorbs the nutrients needed by the body. It metabolizes the food you eat and gives you energy.

body temperature
An unbalanced thyroid can lower your body temperature and in this condition you may become a victim of cold intolerance. Simply put, you may feel cold due to the imbalance of thyroid.

weight loss and gain
If your weight is decreasing suddenly without diet plan and exercise, or even after eating less, the weight is increasing rapidly, then you should get thyroid checked. Because thyroid imbalance can either lead to excessive weight loss or cause weight gain.

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hair growth
When your thyroid becomes unbalanced, hair loss also starts. After falling prey to this disease, not only does the hair fall on the head, but the eyelashes and eyebrows also become thin.

Heart rate and mental health
Thyroid also helps in controlling your heart rate. But after being unbalanced, it also affects the heart rate. Apart from this, due to unbalance in thyroid levels, the level of cortisol in your body also increases, which worsens mental health. You can go into a state of tension and depression in such a situation.

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problem in pregnancy
If someone is not getting pregnant even after continuous efforts, then the reason for this may be thyroid. Only balancing the thyroid can help you conceive.

period problem
Many women’s periods do not come at the right time. If this happens every time, then it should not be ignored. Because irregular periods can also be the reason for thyroid imbalance. So you should check it.

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