Tired of eating routine in dinner? Try These 5 Recipes

Vegetable Recipes: Dealing with the day’s work, in most homes, the entire family is together during dinner time. About dinner, this situation is created almost every day that after all, what should be made that all the members of the house will like. Boredom is also felt after eating routine food. Even if you are non-vegetarian, yet you cannot eat non-veg in the routine, in such a situation, only vegetarian dishes prove to be effective to change the taste of the mouth. We are going to tell you 5 such vegetarian recipes, which you can change the taste of the people of the whole house by making it in dinner.

1. Makhani Paneer Biryani
In this recipe, it is prepared by layering rice and paneer with gravy. This is such a recipe that not only vegetarians but also non-vegetarians will like it.
2. Mushroom kofta in tomato gravy
This is also a very famous dish. Koftas are prepared by stuffing spinach and paneer with mushrooms. Then they are fried. In this, tomato and cashew paste is made for gravy. This is a dish made in dinner party also.

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3. Butter Paneer Masala
Eating routine in dinner has started getting boring, so butter paneer masala can be made the choice of most of the people during the hoteling. It is an easy recipe and can be made with simple spices.
4. Water chestnut
This curry is prepared with water chestnut flour and rock salt. It is tempered with red chilies and curry leaves. This is an easy recipe to make for dinner.
5. Dum Paneer Black Pepper
Black pepper is used in this recipe. Because of this, the taste of paneer becomes completely different. To give flavor to this vegetable, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala etc. are added. Curd and cream bring thickening to the vegetable.

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