To keep the skin problem free in winter, do not use these things, the skin will remain soft and soft

Winter Skin Care Tips: winter In the winter season, you should stop using those things in the skin care routine which reduce the natural oil of your skin and make the skin dry. In such a situation, during skin care in winter, use only those products which suit your skin according to the season. Here we are telling you which things you should not use at all as soon as winter comes. Due to their use, the skin becomes dry and there can also be a problem of aging.

Here we know what things we should use in the winter season.

Winter Skin Care Tips- What things to avoid in winter

1. Reduce Soap Use

If you bathe with soap in winter, then your skin will be dry. Soap loses the natural oil of the skin and dries it to a great extent. Not only this, many soaps have very high pH which makes the skin more dry. Due to which itching and dryness increases on the skin. If you are applying soap, then it is important to apply lotion or body oil on the skin.

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2. Don’t Exfoliate

Although exfoliating works to clean the skin deeply, but if it is done in excess, then the skin can be damaged. So reduce exfoliating in winters.

3. Use of Aromatic Products

Avoid using fragrance cleansers, moisturizers or serums in winters. Because when the temperature is low, they can cause many problems on the skin. It can cause allergies, itching etc.

4. Stay away from drying face masks

With the arrival of winter, the use of clay mask, multani mitti and gram flour makes the skin excessively dry. Due to its use, the pH of the skin gets spoiled and the skin becomes dry and lifeless from inside. In such a situation, it would be better if you use a face mask made of aloe vera, avocado and milk.

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5. Avoid Alcohol Based Products

Alcohol based toner or any skin care product can harm your skin. Alcohol based toners can also irritate the skin and cause burning and itching. Instead, you can use products containing rose water and glycerin. In such a situation, choose such things in winter which soften and hydrate the skin.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before implementing these.)

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