To overcome the lack of protein, include these foods in the diet

High Protein Diet: Protein also plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. This is the reason why experts also recommend taking a high protein diet. Protein is an essential element for building muscles in the body. Protein is an element made up of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. It is found in whole grains, milk products, meat, fish, almonds, green vegetables and other food items. Along with strengthening our bones, it also keeps the blood functioning right. Apart from this, protein is also very beneficial for our skin and hair. If there is a lack of protein in the body, then there is an increased risk of developing many diseases.

Today we tell you which are the foods in which protein is found in abundance. Many of these foods are easily available. By including them in your diet, not only can the body be kept healthy, but the lack of protein can also be overcome.

1. Dairy Products – Protein is found in abundance in milk and milk products. Milk, paneer, mawa, cheese, butter not only contain protein but also vitamins and calcium in sufficient quantity.

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2. Dry Fruits – Dry fruits i.e. dry fruits are also rich in protein, vitamins, potassium and sodium. To stay healthy, a limited amount of dry fruits should be consumed daily. It removes the deficiency of protein.
3. Kiwi – Kiwi is a fruit which is a bit expensive as compared to other fruits. But it is a good source of vitamin C and protein. By consuming it, sufficient amount of protein reaches the body.
4. Moong Dal – Protein is found in most pulses, although moong dal is a good source of protein. Moong dal is very beneficial for the body anyway. In such a situation, it can also be used as a better source of protein.

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5. Almonds – Plenty of protein is found in almonds. Consumption of almonds in winter is considered very good in terms of health. Eating almonds daily in limited quantity fulfills the deficiency of protein, as well as it is also helpful in keeping warm in winter.

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