To protect the baby from oral infection, clean the inside of his mouth like this

Oral hygiene of Baby: Like the oil-massage and food and drink of the baby, it is also very important to clean the body. This also includes the inside of his mouth. Some people feel that if the baby does not have teeth, then oral hygiene is not needed. Thinking this, they ignore it. Whereas it is very important to maintain the oral health of the baby not only in the corona period but also in the normal days. So that the baby can be protected from germs and bacteria. To maintain better oral health of the baby and protect him from infection, also regularly clean the mouth and tongue of the baby. Let us know how to clean the mouth of the baby and what things should be taken care of during this time.

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Keep these things in mind while cleaning baby’s mouth

Before cleaning the inside of the baby’s mouth, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, so that the baby is not afraid of infection. Also, always keep the nails cut so that there is no injury due to the nails in his mouth and there is no risk of infection due to the dirt present in the nails. It would be better if there is no nail paint on the nails. Also keep in mind that the cloth or napkin with which the mouth and tongue are to be cleaned should be cotton, soft, clean and washed.

How to clean baby’s mouth and tongue

To clean your baby’s mouth and tongue, dip a piece of cloth in warm water and squeeze it well. After this, wrap the cloth in your index finger i.e. the first finger of your hand.

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After this, put a finger in the mouth of the baby and clean his tongue by rotating it in circular motions. Keep in mind that this process is not to be done very fast and with force, but it has to be repeated slowly with light hands. Also remember not to take the finger to his throat. After this, take out the finger and squeeze the other part of the cloth soaked in water and clean the gums and palate of the baby lightly. If your baby’s teeth are coming, then you must also clean them.

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