To taste more than 28 dishes made from eggs, reached the market on Sitaram’s ‘Alexander Omelette’

Famous Food Shop in Old Delhi: (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) You must have heard that ‘Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday.’ This means that the egg has now become an integral part of our diet. By the way, the issue is not yet settled whether the egg is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But we can definitely say that vegetarian people have also included eggs in their diet, non-vegetarian people are crazy about it. It is the law of nature that whatever becomes famous, the trend of variety increases in it. Since the trend of eggs has become very high, so eaters and sellers keep experimenting for it. Let us tell you that there is a famous food shop in Old Delhi, where eggs have been ‘globalised’. It is also famous as boiled, bhurji and omelet, along with korma sandwich to pizza fry omelet is also being fed. There are so many dishes of eggs here that after going there man starts thinking what to eat today. Here are the Varieties of Egg Recipes

About 28 dishes of eggs can be tasted

Chawri Bazar, the commercial area of ​​Old Delhi, is very famous. A road from its square leads to Sitaram Market. Here you will see the shop of ‘Sikander Omelettes’. Egg is the only egg in this shop, nothing else. But seeing the stuff decorated there, you will think that how the egg is made here. When we counted and checked, it came to know that about 28 varieties of eggs are served here. These include boiled egg, half fry, omelet and egg bhurji, along with many more. The simple omelet here is also of a different type. You have to eat it in oil, tempering of butter or cheese can also be enjoyed to enhance the taste.

The simple omelette at the 'Sikander Omelettes' shop is also of a different type.

The simple omelette at the ‘Sikander Omelettes’ shop is also of a different type.

From Navratna Sandwich to Pizza Fry, there is a lot of flavor

Here’s what to put in the egg dish. Pay attention once. We have done about butter and cheese. From green chili, tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, capsicum, beetroot to many mix vegetables are present. Various spices and sweet and green chutney are available separately to add flavor to the egg dish. Listen to the names of the egg dishes that are made by filling them all, like Masala Omelette, Masala Sandwich, Sikandar Special Omelette, Boil Egg Omelette to Navratna Bhujia, Punjabi Sandwich, Korma Sandwich, Super Special Monaco and Pizza Fry. Five eggs are used in pizza fry and they are also double yolk, which you will find very rarely. The cost of all these dishes ranges from Rs 40 to Rs 150. Very rich and full of great taste.

Various spices and sweet and green chutney are available separately to add flavor to the egg dish.

Various spices and sweet and green chutney are available separately to add flavor to the egg dish.

Eggs are being sold for almost 65 years.

This business of selling eggs in this area has been going on for about 65 years. Initially, Sikandar (Charanjit Arora) started this work on the street. Then applied and today the shop is running. His son Kale Bhai (Harish Arora) took over this task with his father since childhood. Today he is running this shop. He says that our spices are not only unique, but the way of preparing the dish is also different from others. We also pour the familiarity of Old Delhi in our dishes, that is why people keep getting drawn. The artisans in the shop are old. The shop gets decorated at 4:30 pm and eggs can be enjoyed till 11:30 pm. Tuesday is a holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Chawri Bazar

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