Too much face wash can harm your skin, know important tips related to skin care

Face wash Side Effects : The effect of increasing air pollution in winter also affects the face, due to pollution many times there is a feeling of burning on the face. That’s why whenever we go out, we wash our face first as soon as we come home. Some people have oily skin, due to which dust sticks quickly on their skin. That’s why they clean the face by applying face wash again and again. But do you know that if you use face wash again and again, it can harm your skin. nbt dotcom news Report According to this, washing the face frequently removes the natural oils of the skin and increases dryness in it. This does not happen only with dry skin people, who have oily skin, it is also harmful for them. In this report, along with protecting oily skin from stickiness, some important tips have also been given for dry and normal skin. You also know how much facewash is beneficial for your skin.

how often to wash face
According to the report, face wash should be done only twice a day. Especially with face wash, your mouth should not be used more than twice. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with only fresh water and clean it. If your skin is very oily, even then you should clean the face with only water and after that apply rose water on the face. With this you will feel both freshness and cleaning.

Facewash for dry skin?
Using face wash twice on very dry and sensitive skin can also cause problems. In such a situation, wash your face with aloe vera gel in the morning and clean it. And before sleeping at night, wash the face with face wash and then massage with moisturizer. You will not find foam on the skin while washing the face with aloe vera gel. But it will give deep cleaning and smoothing effect to your skin. Also, cleans all the dust, dirt, oil, bacteria etc.

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What are the disadvantages of washing face frequently?
The skin makes its own natural oil for its own safety. This oil acts as a lubricant for the skin cells. Helps to keep the skin young and also helps in the production of new cells. Washing your face frequently removes this essential oil from your skin, due to which the skin starts becoming dry and lifeless. Take a look at the damage it causes.

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Fine lines start forming in the skin, which makes the skin look old.
The problem of wrinkles starts happening.
The skin around the eyes can hang, which can show the age of up to 10 years.
Dryness can increase in the skin, which can fade the glow of the face.
The pH balance of the skin can be disturbed, which becomes the reason for many skin problems. Therefore, do not use face wash more than twice a day.

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