Treatment of unexplained diseases hidden in ‘chirping of birds’ and ‘wind gusts’

New Delhi. It often happens that you are feeling very uncomfortable due to some disease, but everything is found normal in the result of pathology or other examination done on the advice of the doctor. In such a situation, many doctors tell you that everything is fine, but the problem remains the same for you. We have come to you with amazing treatment for some such inexplicable diseases. And, this treatment is like ‘heegh lage na alum, rang chokha’. Let us tell you here that Dr. Sameer Malhotra, Director and Head of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Saket Max Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, has helped us in bringing you amazing cures for these incurable diseases.

Now without keeping much suspense, let us tell you about the disease and its treatment. First of all let’s talk about a disease called Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disease in which there is pain in different parts of your body and the cause of this pain is not caught in any investigation. Actually, this disease occurs due to chemical imbalance in the body. The chemical imbalance has a direct effect on the intoxicants of your body, due to which you start experiencing severe pain in different parts of the city. For the treatment of this strange pain in the body due to fibromyalgia, you spend months round the doctors and spend thousands of rupees in medical examination, but the result remains the same.

Wonderful cure for your incurable disease
Now let’s talk about the wonderful treatment of your incurable disease. You will be stunned once upon hearing the treatment of this disease, but when you do this treatment for a few days, you will start seeing its benefits automatically. Yes, to get rid of this strange and strange painful disease, you have to be friends with nature and listen to the chirping of birds every morning and evening, feeling the gusts of wind. You have to put your heart in the chirping of birds in such a way that you can hear music in it too. I know, you must be finding this treatment a bit strange, that’s why let me take you to Dr. Sameer Malhotra to understand it in detail.

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Dr. Sameer Malhotra explains that there is a deep relationship between the mind and the body. If there is any tension, discomfort or problem in the mind, then its symptoms start showing on your body as well. These symptoms include increased BP, rapid heartbeat, inexplicable stomach problems, strange headache, back pain, pain in different places in the body, etc. Often, we neither know the reason for this nor do we get relief even after all the treatments. Here, but if we make friends with nature, then you will not only get rid of a disease called fibromyalgia, but mental stress, depression and anxiety will go far away from you.

How to have a true friendship with nature
Dr. Sameer Malhotra tells that to get rid of all the strange and poor diseases, you have to be friends with nature in the true sense. True friendship means, you see the trees and plants around you, feel their growth, if it is rainy season, listen carefully to the sound of raindrops, deeply feel the cool air that comes with the drops. , see the surroundings at night, look at the stars, feel the gusts of wind, listen to the chirping of birds, etc. That is, you get connected with nature as much as you can. All these activities will give you peace of mind. In this way, the sooner and more deeply you connect with nature, the more incurable diseases will run away from you.

According to Dr. Sameer Malhotra, the matter does not end here yet. He tells that your friendship with nature will remain incomplete until you start getting up in the morning and do not go for walks in the morning. Actually, the sunrise (sun rays) of the morning are necessary for us. After coming in contact with these sunlight, some hormones of our body are released. If we get up late, we will deprive ourselves of these things. That is why, to avoid all the troubles and diseases, it has always been said to get up in Brahma Muhurta. When you are in the middle of nature in the morning, you will take more oxygen, which will keep your mind and brain healthy. If the mind and mind remain healthy, then the rest of the things will be correct on their own.

What does medical theory say about connecting with nature?
Now let’s talk about how nature helps us to be healthy, Dr. Sameer Malhotra makes that when you connect with nature, you are not judgmental. If you look around your life, in today’s date the man is either reacting on some issue, or it is judgmental. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, he is telling only two things whether it is right or it is wrong. Not only this, many people become judgmental while giving their reactions. Sometimes you start expressing feelings by becoming more emotional due to circumstances. But when a person approaches nature, then the reactions and judgments stop. There the mind and the mind feel only and only.

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