Types of Headaches: How many types of headaches are there, know their types and home remedies to get rid of them

Types of Headaches and home remedies: Headache is a very common problem, which is often seen in people of all ages. By the way, there are more than 150 types of headache and its symptoms are also different. But one of its main symptoms is pain in your face or head. If we are able to recognize the symptoms of headache then it becomes easier for us to get better treatment for it. On the basis of some symptoms, we can find the solution of this problem.

Types of headaches and ways to get rid of them

1. Tension Headaches: Headache due to tension
Our daily routine has become so busy that there is tension all the time. The increasing responsibilities of home and office have divided us, due to which there is always a headache. Sometimes we also use pain killers to get rid of headaches. The effect of which is not good for our health. If you have a headache due to stress, then you can get relief even without medicine. We are going to tell you some such remedies that can help you get relief from headache.

Relaxation Technique- For this you can adopt meditation.
To get relief from pain, you should drink more water.
You can reduce your headache by taking care of your eyes.
In case of headache, get a massage of the ear, neck, head and shoulder.

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2. Migraine
Migraine has emerged as a disease that every other person has. In migraine, there is a very severe pain in the head, sometimes this pain is due to bright light and sometimes it is due to noise or a particular fragrance. Even experts have not been able to find the exact cause of this disease so far. It cannot be cured from the root, but there are some home remedies that can definitely provide relief in it.

Consuming cold milk with jaggery on an empty stomach in the morning is the perfect remedy for migraine.
In case of headache due to migraine, press a small piece of ginger between the teeth and keep sucking it.
At the time of migraine, mix salt in clove powder and drink it with milk. Relief will come.
Make a paste by grinding cinnamon and keep this paste on the forehead for about half an hour, you will get relief.

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3. Cluster Headaches
Cluster headache is the most severe headache. It causes burning and stinging pain in the eyes. which remains constant. Cluster headache is such a severe pain due to which it becomes difficult for a person to sit. In this the eyes become red, the pupil becomes smaller, tears start coming in the eyes. Its attack arises 3 times in a day.

Drink a cup of chamomile tea daily to get rid of cluster headaches
You can do Setubandhasana, Padma Asana, Shavasana, Hastapadasana, Downward Breathing for a few minutes daily.
Acupressure is also a good recipe. In this, pressure is applied on the main points in the fingers and hands.
Include foods rich in magnesium in your diet like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter.

4. Sinus Headaches
Sinus is a disease of the nose in which a person’s nose becomes blocked. Due to which there is a problem like headache, watery nose or half-headache. Usually one has to go to see the doctor if there is a sinus problem. But some home remedies can be helpful for you.

Include onion and garlic in your diet. Works as a herb for people suffering from sinus.
Put a small spoonful of black pepper powder in a bowl of soup and drink slowly. Do this two-three times in a week. Consumption of black pepper will reduce the inflammation of the sinuses and dry up the mucus.
Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and mix one teaspoon of honey. Drink it every morning for two to three weeks.
Boil a glass of water in a vessel and add three spoons of fenugreek seeds to it. Then slow down the flame for 10 minutes and then drink this tea two to three times a day.

5. Hangover Headaches
Hangover headache may occur the next day or later that day, due to excessive alcohol consumption. It is a migraine-like headache that usually occurs on both sides of the head and is aggravated by movement.

Take lemonade Lemonade is the best way to get rid of hangover.
Consume curd Curd is very beneficial in getting rid of alcohol addiction.
Drink coconut water. Coconut water is also a better way to get rid of hangover.
Take 3-4 leaves of mint, put it in hot water and drink it. Its intake removes the air located in the stomach, and the intestines get rest.

Note- Drinking water proves to be very effective in all types of headache. drink as much water as possible

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