Use neem wood comb, you will get not one but many benefits

Neem Comb Benefits: To prevent hair breakage, people adopt different methods. If someone takes the help of hair mask, then someone uses different types of hair oil. But no one gets noticed towards the comb. While combing is also responsible at times to prevent hair breakage. In fact, most people use a plastic small tooth comb to comb their hair. Due to which the tangled hair breaks more. To avoid this problem, if you use a neem comb, then you will get not one but many benefits from it. Let us tell you that by using a wooden comb, there is less friction in the hair, due to which the hair breaks less. In addition, the hair is also less oily. Let us know about more benefits of neem comb.

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Dandruff infection is less

Regular use of neem comb helps to remove the problem of dandruff and scalp infections. Being made of neem wood, this comb is anti-bacterial and anti-septic. Which gives relief from dandruff and scalp infection.

blood circulation is better

Using this comb improves blood circulation. This comb stimulates the acupuncture points present in your scalp. Due to which it helps in improving blood circulation and makes the scalp healthy. Due to which the hair roots are strengthened and hair fall is less.

nourishes hair

Using a neem wood comb causes less breakage of hair. Along with this, the hair also gets nourishment. Neem contains anti-bacterial elements, due to which the risk of getting lice is also less. Also, when you groom the hair with this comb, the natural oil present in the scalp spreads evenly in the hair. Due to which the hair becomes healthy and shiny.

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hair fall stops

Using a large wooden tooth comb also reduces hair breakage to a great extent. In fact, when the hair is tangled or wet, when you comb the hair with a small tooth comb, it causes more friction in the hair, due to which the hair breaks more. While the wide and large tooth comb also detangles the hair well and the problem of hair breakage is also less.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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