Use these foods in Navratri fasting, the rules will not be broken and will also be healthy

Healthy foods during fasting: The festive season has now arrived in the country. People who have faith in religious beliefs wait for this festive season for a whole year. Navratri is going to arrive after a few days. Then there are many fasting festivals like Diwali, Chhath in which devotees keep fast. There are many benefits of fasting. By fasting the mind remains balanced and a discipline comes in itself. Strict rules have to be followed for fasting. There are many ways to fast. Some people fast for nine days in Navratri without eating anything, while some people fast by drinking only water or juice. While most of the people are fruit-vegetarians i.e. live only on fruits and water, but due to lack of balance of fruits, milk or water, such people have problems, they start to suffer from hunger. Indian Express According to the news, Dolly Kumar, director of Cosmic Nutracos, says that a standard of food should be set during fasting so that the person does not lack nutrients and the rules and regulations can also be followed properly.

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Make healthy foods like this during fasting

Banana-Walnut Shake: Banana and walnut shake can become the healthiest food during fasting. For this, put bananas, buttermilk, walnuts and honey together in the blender and blend it for some time. You can add honey according to your taste. Then serve it as a shake.

Honey and Coconut You will need four ingredients to make this. Peanut Butter, Honey, Coconut Flour and Coconut. First of all mix honey and peanut butter well. After this add coconut flour to it. Then make a ball according to you and stick coconut husk on it. Now leave it in the fridge for some time. Serve this after removing it from the fridge.

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Oat pudding: To make Oats Kheer, you will need oats, ghee, milk and dry fruits. To get good flavor, first heat the pan and add ghee to it and fry the oats in it for a while. After that add milk to it. Keep stirring it till the oats become soft. Add dry fruits to it and keep stirring it till it becomes fine. You can eat Oats Kheer hot and cold.

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