Using diet drinks to lose weight can lead to further weight gain – research

diet drink increase weight: Modern lifestyle has made us habit of many bad things. Our food is getting worse. We have started to depend more on the things of the market, but these things are very harmful for our health. Today there is no one who does not consume soft drinks. In urban living, soft drinks are becoming a custom. Now a US study has cautioned about the random use of soft drinks. daily Mail According to the news of the study, it has been said that such foods or soft drinks in which artificial sweeteners are used can increase obesity further. Actually, artificial sweetener is used in soft drinks. It increases appetite, which makes people want to eat again and again. As a result, those who use artificial sweeteners tend to gain weight.

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Artificial Sweetener Creates Appetite
Surprisingly, people usually use diet drinks to lose weight, but scientists believe that the sweetener sends a message to the brain that causes more hunger and people start consuming more calories. Researchers from the University of Southern California included some people in their study by giving them diet drinks and tried to test whether these people had less appetite. Sweetener is usually used in soft or diet drinks. Sweetener is a type of sucralose. Apart from this, aspartame is also used in drinks like Diet Coke. These substances are made artificially.

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The hunger part in the brain becomes active
An equal number of women and men were included in the study. They were divided into three categories – people with healthy weight, people who are overweight and people who are very obese. Some people were given the standard suitor while some were given its substitute. In the end water was given. After two hours MRI of the brain was done. Apart from this, blood samples were also taken for hormone testing. During the study, it was also seen how often the people in the study ate food after the soft drink. The study found that obese people and women who took artificial sweeteners activated the part of the brain that produces the desire for hunger. Instead, those given simple sugary beverages did not have as much hunger cravings.

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