Vastu tips: Ants going from queue in the house give many auspicious and inauspicious signs, know what Vastu says

Vastu tips: It is common to see a convoy of ants on the wall during the rainy or summer days. Although these ants going from the queue go here and there in search of their food, but it is said to have a special meaning in Vastu. In many homes, it is considered a sign of happiness and wealth collection and therefore people consider it auspicious to give grains etc. to ants. Apart from this, the arrival of black colored ants in many homes is considered auspicious and giving them food is considered a charitable act. The arrival of these different colored ants in Vastu has many symbolic meanings. So let us tell you today what are the signs of ants related to Vastu.

These are signs of ants

1.Ants on the Wall

If ants are seen climbing upwards in the house, then it means that auspicious work is going to happen in your house and it is considered a sign of growth and progress. Whereas if they are descending, then it is considered a sign of loss.

2.Black Ants

If black ants are seen inside the house, then it means that wealth and happiness are going to come in your life soon. In such a situation, if you feed black ants, then it is considered auspicious.

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3. Ants in a rice pot

If ants are coming out of the rice pot, then it is a good sign. This is a sign of the arrival of money. It is believed that when this happens, the financial crisis is removed and the house is filled with food.

4.Red Ants

If red ants are seen in the house then it is considered inauspicious. This means troubles, disputes and money may be spent in future.

5.Red Ants Carrying Eggs

If red ants are seen in the house with an egg in their mouth, then this sign is auspicious. It means that some work is in progress in your house.

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6. Based on Direction

If black ants come in the house from north or south direction then it is a good sign whereas if ants are coming from east direction then bad news can come in your house. If ants come from the west direction, then you can travel outside.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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