Walk saves heart patients from the risk of heart attack and stroke

Heart healthA large study has shown that physical activity is very important for those who have heart problems. People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are at higher risk of heart attack. Apart from this, if you are a heart patient, then you must walk daily. Due to this, the body becomes healthy as well as reduces the risk of heart attack. About 88320 people were included in this study. Those whose lifestyle includes physical activity. In which it was found that the risk of heart attack was lower in people who did physical activity, ie, who exercised, walked.

exercise for heart patients

If you are a heart patient, first of all talk to your doctor. Only after that start any exercise or yoga. For this it is necessary to consult the doctor first. Looking at your condition, the doctor will tell which exercise or exercise is good for your health.

If you have heart disease, take part in physical activities on the advice of doctors. These activities improve heart disease. Exercise will also lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol as well as keep diabetes under control.

can do this exercise

  • Do aerobics, due to this both heart and lungs work well. The blood circulation of the heart is better. But always keep in mind that it should not start with very heavy exercise.
  • Swimming can also be done but there should not be too much pressure. Do any exercise three to four times a week, but keep in mind that only light exercise should be done.
  • Stretching is very important before doing any exercise. Apart from this, do not forget to cool down after finishing the exercise.

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keep these things in mind

If you experience headache, chest pain, dizziness or trouble breathing while doing any type of exercise, stop doing it immediately and contact your doctor immediately.

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