Want to get keratin treatment or rebonding in your hair? Know these important things first

Know About Keratin Treatment Or Rebonding : The festival season has started. Women are taking various measures to look good from head to toe. To give a new look to the hair, women are trying many types of treatments. Two hair treatments are most in demand for increasing the volume in the hair and for a shiny healthy look. We are talking about Keratin Treatment and Rebonding. Yes, both these treatments help in managing and styling frizzy hair. If you are getting confused about both, then let us know what is the similarity and what is the difference between them.

what is keratin treatment

In fact, due to our lifestyle and pollution, the natural proteins start disappearing from the hair and the hair becomes dry and lifeless, while the keratin treatment works to regenerate the natural proteins in your hair. A research has found that keratin is of great benefit in improving hair growth and texture.

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what is rebonding

Actually, in rebonding, the hair is made shiny and straight by chemical and heating process. According to a research, if rebonding is done in the hair, then the natural cell structure of your hair can be disturbed forever.

How Keratin Treatment and Rebonding Affect Hair


This treatment helps in managing frizzy hair.

This makes the hair straight, soft and shiny.

– Since keratin is a natural element of hair, it is easy to fill the natural protein in the hair.

Although many types of products are used in this treatment also.

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Rebonding is a famous treatment for silky and straight hair.

It makes hair frizz free.

With its use, the hair looks more attractive and shiny.

Chemical things are used in this treatment.

There may be a possibility of permanent damage to the hair.

This is true for every hair.

Sometimes rebonding can weaken the hair.

Rebonding lasts longer than keratin treatments. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned expert before following these.)

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