Want to have surgery for the child to lose weight? Know what experts say

weight loss surgery in children: Due to poor lifestyle, obesity is becoming common among people today. This has become a cause of trouble for the whole world. This disease is there in adults, but children are also no less worried about it. daily Mail According to the news of obesity, if obesity starts from childhood, then it can prove to be very dangerous. That is why it is very important to curb obesity in childhood. Most adults undergo bariatric surgery to reduce obesity, but people are afraid of getting bariatric surgery in children. Now experts have termed this concern as baseless and said that there is no harm in having children undergo bariatric surgery. It is completely safe and improves the health of the child.

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The risk of type 2 diabetes is also averted
Till now even doctors are afraid of giving bariatric surgery to children. In this research conducted in Saudi Arabia, this concern has been described as baseless. Research has found that the procedure of bariatric surgery in children does not cause any harm. Researchers said that it has clear advantages. Research has found that the benefit of having children perform bariatric surgery early is visible even after a decade. Even the risk of type-2 diabetes is averted. It was also found in the study that this surgery does not have a bad effect on the height of children.

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Having surgery in childhood reduces the risk later
Dr Aayed Alqahtani, Professor at King Saud University and the lead author of this research, said that if you get bariatric surgery to treat obesity in childhood, then later the diseases related to obesity will be there, You can get rid of them. It can also improve the quality of life. If you delay getting surgery, your risk of getting obesity-related diseases may increase.

In this study 2500 children were monitored for the last 10 years. These children had obesity surgery. In this study conducted on children aged 5 to 21 years, it was found that there is no harm of bariatric surgery.

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