Want to taste the Chole and Bhature of Spinach Gravy? Kishan reached Bhature’s place in Ghaffar market

(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)

Delhi Food Joints: Sometimes it seems that the state food of the country’s capital Delhi is Chole-Bhature. Wherever you go, in any market, road, market or small and big colonies, you will definitely see Chole-Bhatura dishes everywhere. Now the condition is that even if you go to a well-known restaurant, you will also include Chole Bhature in the menu. There are two restaurants in Connaught Place, Embassy and Kwality, which are famous for Chole-Bhatura, it is a different matter that there their name is Chana-Bhatura and the size of the Bhaturas here is about three times bigger than the common Bhaturas. The purpose of our telling is that Chole-Bhature is a famous food item of Delhi which is found everywhere.

Today we are taking you to such a famous Chole-Bhatura shop. The crowd of those who eat there tells that its taste will be strange. The reason for this is that while serving this dish, a thick gravy of spinach is poured over the chickpeas, due to which the taste remains somewhat different. The shop we are talking about is from when the famous market of Delhi and the country was settled there.

Enjoy the taste of Chole-Bhatura and Chole-Rice

You must have heard the name of Ghaffar Market in Karol Bagh area. This market is known for exotic items. Years ago, when it was very difficult to find foreign items in the country and Delhi, it was common to find foreign items in the Ghaffar market. Nowadays this market is earning a name in foreign mobile phones, tabs, color TVs. There is an old shop of ‘Kishan Bhature Wala’ at the mouth of this market. Since this shop is old and famous and there is a daily movement of thousands of people in this market, hence there is a crowd of people who eat Chole-Bhatura in this shop.

Not a lot of frills at this shop. Chole-bhature, rice chickpeas are sold here. Despite that, till the goods are not exhausted at this shop, people come and enjoy the food here.

Spinach curry changes the taste in thick chickpeas

When you reach this shop, you will find that chickpeas are boiling in a big layer. Dry potatoes are kept on the side and raw green chilies are showing their color on the chickpeas. First on the plate when you order
Thick chickpeas are added, a piece of potato is left next to it. Then a spoonful of grated spinach from the adjacent cauldron is left over the chickpeas. at another shop in front
They keep coming here after frying bhatures. These bhaturas are once again heated on the pan. Put them in a plate and serve them with a raw green chili, chopped onion, carrot pickle and a piece of tomato.
are given. In this dish, the combination of spinach curry with chickpeas makes it taste different.

When the onion, raw chilies are cut and eaten with pickles along with hot paneer bhaturas, then the tongue and mind feel satisfied. The cost of a plate of Chole-Bhatura is Rs.50.

Feeding Chole Bhature since 1950

Here rice chole is also served in the same way. Their taste also seems to be soothing to the mind. You can enjoy both these dishes throughout the day. Let us tell you that Ghaffar Market started in the year 1950.
And this shop is also from that time. This shop was started by Lekhraj Gandhi. Earlier he used to sell chole-bhature on the street vendors. His son Kishanlal sold chole-bhature on a bicycle in the Chandni Chowk area. The work of Chole-Bhatura started at the shop, today his son Rajiv Gandhi is handling this shop.

Ghaffar Market was started in the year 1950 and this shop is also there since that time.

He says that the recipe for making Chole-Bhatura, which was made by Grandfather, is going on even today. Our craftsmen are also very old. We prepare the spices etc ourselves. That’s why foreigners who come to the market also come to our shop to eat Chole-Bhatura. The goods start getting at the shop at 9 in the morning and everything is settled by 5 in the evening. This area remains closed on Mondays, so there is a holiday at the shop as well.

Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh

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