Warning about the next corona virus! Infection can be spread by rats and monkeys – Study

Next corona Spread by Rats and Monkeys : For the last two years, the effect of the corona virus, which has affected the whole world, was slowly starting to subside that a new warning has raised everyone’s ears. Studies by Princeton University in the US and the Federal University of Amazonas in Brazil warn that the next corona virus can be spread by animals from mice and monkey species. Researchers Molecular Biologist Sean King and Computer Scientist from Princeton University in New Jersey Mona Singh Genomic analysis of various mammal species. Especially studies were done on those organisms which easily ingest viruses like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). They found that in the past some species of mice were repeatedly exposed to viruses such as SARS, making them more likely to develop a certain level of virus resistance.

This study is published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology. published Has been done. It is written in this research paper that our study shows that mice have been seen to be repeatedly infected with corona virus like SARS.

What happened in the study
Researchers say, ‘Possibly as a result of these infections, the mice have developed tolerance or immunity to corona virus like SARS. In their research, Dr. King and Professor Mona Singh studied the so-called ACE2 receptors (acceptable), with the help of which viruses like SARS enter the cells of mammals. The team found that there is little evidence of having ACE 2 receptors in primates and other mammals that are not previously known to be infected with SARS. Huh. Genomic analysis of both however showed a rapid evolution of ACE2 between mice.

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The bacteria of Brazil’s forests are also dangerous
On the other hand, researchers from the Federal University of Amazons in Manaus, Brazil, have feared that this time the epidemic may be spread by bacteria and viruses present in the Amazon forests of Brazil. Its carriers can be rats and monkeys. University biologist Marcelo Gordo and his team recently found the decomposed carcasses of three pied tamarin monkeys in a cooler. Someone had turned off the power supply of this cooler. After this the carcasses of the monkeys rotted inside. Marcelo and his team took samples from monkeys.

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Another biologist here to help them Alessandra Nava came to the fore. They discovered parasitic worms, viruses and other infectious agents from monkey samples. Alessandra said that the way humans are encroaching on forests, viruses, bacteria and pathogens present in living organisms are spreading infection in humans.

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