What is birth defect cleft lip and palette? Learn how the treatment is done

Birth DefectIt is believed that children are the gift of God, but sometimes it makes the mind sad. This sadness comes when you come to know that the child is born with a birth defect. According to WHO, more than 1.7 million babies are born in India every year with birth defects. ‘Birth defects’ include physical malformations such as cleft lip and palate, Down syndrome, congenital deafness. Some birth defects are outwardly visible, while some are not. Apart from this, some defects are detected during pregnancy through blood tests and scans. Especially the problem of cleft lip and palate gets detected in the scan. This is a problem that can be corrected with surgery.

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cleft lip and palate problem

Cleft palate and lip is a common birth condition. About one child out of seven hundred is born with this problem. Sometimes it can be genetic, sometimes the reason is unknown.

what could be the problem

Around one million babies are born with this problem in India every year. Babies who are born with cleft lip can be detected during pregnancy. But it is difficult to know about cleft palate. They may have difficulty speaking and feeding. Sometimes after surgery, the help of speech therapy has to be taken. Some children can also speak through their nose. Both these surgeries leave minimal scarring. Speech difficulties can be corrected with speech therapy.

why is this problem

  • One should eat a healthy diet including a variety of vegetables and fruits during pregnancy and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals and especially folic acid should be taken before six months of pregnancy .
  • The mother should especially avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  • Avoid traveling by pregnant women to areas that are associated with congenital anomalies.
  • Consultation before pregnancy and during pregnancy Control diabetes.

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When is surgery

Surgery for children with cleft lips is done in three to six months. For this, doctors recommend that the weight of the child should be above five kg, while the surgery of cleft palate is done in nine months.

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