What is brain fog? Know its symptoms and precautions from experts

Brain Fog Causes, Symptoms & Precautions: If you are forgetting small things often or you are finding it difficult to remember your own words, then it is called brain fog. This is not a medical term. Rather, it is a common language, through which a group of problems related to the brain is told, such as memory loss, lack of attention, difficulty in understanding information, tiredness and thoughts coming here and there etc. Symptoms of brain fog also appear in many other possible diseases. For example, cancer and chemotherapy given in it, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and brain fog can also occur during pregnancy.

According to a research in the news report of Hindustan newspaper, it has been written that about 28 percent of the people who have been cured of corona have complained of brain fogging, mood change, fatigue and lack of concentration.

What are the symptoms of brain fog?
Shuchin Bajaj, director of Ujala Cygnus Hospital, Delhi, has told in this news report that due to brain fog, there is a rapid change in the behavior of a person. In such people, there are always symptoms like fatigue, lack of heart in any work, irritability, depression, lack of interest in the work of their choice, constant headache, inability to sleep and forgetting small things. The doctor can detect it in a blood test. Such as unbalance of sugar or thyroid, poor function of kidney etc., or the presence of any infection or lack of nutrients in the body also appears in the form of brain fog.

due to brain fog
– lack of sleep
– Spending more time with the screen
Problems affecting the central nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis
– Diseases in which there is a possibility of swelling in the internal parts of the body, or the level of blood sugar starts going up and down, due to that there can also be a condition of brain fog. Such as diabetes, hyperthyroid, depression, Alzheimer’s and anemia.

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cancer and chemotherapy
Chemotherapy given in the treatment of cancer contains certain drugs, which can affect memory. However, usually this problem resolves on its own.

chronic fatigue syndrome
Chronic fatigue syndrome condition can persist for 6 months or more. In this, the person has mental fatigue, due to which he starts to remain confused.

drug effect
Brain fog can also occur due to the consumption of certain drugs, the drugs given in depression or insomnia affect thinking and understanding.

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Diet and Precautions
Include amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and omega 3 fatty acids in your diet regularly.
Do not take caffeinated drinks in the afternoon.
-Avoid alcohol and smoking.
Take 15 minutes of sunlight every day.
– Do regular exercise.
Depending on the symptoms, you can also consult the doctor for X ray, CT scan, MRI, allergy test etc.
In many cases, therapy along with medicines can also be helpful in dealing with this problem.

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