What is e-nose? Learn how this new technology will detect from corona to cancer

E-nose will detect corona to cancer through Breath : After showing symptoms in our body, no disease is detected until it is reported after giving blood or other types of samples. In such a situation, is it possible that you have not given any sample and your disease is detected? Yes, it can be possible, according to the news report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, scientists have now discovered such a device, which will get rid of giving different types of samples to detect the disease. Name of this devicee-nose‘ That is, electronic nose. This device can detect corona, asthma and liver related as well as many types of cancer. Scientists claim that in the next two-three years, this device will revolutionize the health sector.

According to the news report, clinical trials of e-nose are going on in many countries and the most promising results have been found in Britain. Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute is conducting a breath test for researchers and doctors. Along with identifying the disease through this new technology, it is also being speculated whether the patient will get a special benefit from a new drug or not, or whether the treatment is working on it? In hospitals affiliated with the National Health Service of Britain and also in many hospitals in Europe, the help of breath test is being taken to detect lung cancer.

How does e-nose work?
The device consists of a camera-shaped gadget with a silicone disposable mask attached to it. The sensors in this mask analyze the breath. Billy Boyle, CEO of Biotech Company Owlstone, says that his device is capable of detecting colon cancer along with liver diseases.

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About 3500 VOCs i.e. volatile organic compounds, gas particles and droplets are present in the breath we exhale. The chemical nature of these VOCs is different in every situation. E-nose recognizes the array of this chemical through AI. Chest physician Dr Andrew Bush says that this fact has been proved that the chemicals present in our breath tell the state of our health. In Owlstone’s device, we have worked on this basis.

A high level of ammonia in the breath means…
According to Prof Peter Sessenma of Redbound University Medical Center in the Netherlands, colon and colon cancers are being detected by chemical changes in the breath, but now there are problems like high levels of ammonia in the breath of patients with kidney problems. Began to know.

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while Germany’s airsense (AIRSENSE Analytics) ने pen 3 e-nose device Taught (Portable Electronic Nose) to recognize virus through positive results in PCR test. That e nose was able to identify the corona only after 80 seconds. Researchers believe that e-nose may be capable of real time diagnosis in crowded places.

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