What is the risk of corona after taking both doses of the vaccine? This was revealed in the study

Risk of covid after vaccination: There is a discussion around the world about how much risk of corona infection is there after taking the vaccine? This discussion is happening because in many countries, cases of infection have been seen in people who have taken both doses of the vaccine. Therefore, people remain in fear even after taking the vaccine. According to the government guideline, even after taking both doses of the vaccine, it is mandatory for people to follow the Kovid guideline, because the vaccine does not guarantee 100% protection from corona. Healthline According to the news of the US Health Department has done a study regarding this whole issue. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, of course, even after taking the vaccine, there is no 100% guarantee of protection from corona, but the risk of hospitalization and death due to taking the vaccine is very high. decreases.

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Only one infection in 5 thousand people
The CDC said, many cases of infection are being reported from many parts of the world even after taking both doses of the vaccine, but this happens in very rare cases. The real truth is that the cases of death and hospitalization after taking the vaccine are very rare. According to the New York Times report, detailed data has been presented in this regard in America. Based on the data, it has been concluded that out of 5000 people taking the vaccine, only one is at risk of infection. If it is a matter of spreading the infection, then out of those who have taken the vaccine, only one in 10 thousand is at risk of spreading the infection to the other.

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Those who do not take the vaccine are 10 times more likely to reach the hospital
Another study by the CDC has also revealed that people who have taken the vaccine are five times less at risk of corona than those who have not taken the vaccine. At the same time, those who have not taken the vaccine, the chances of reaching the hospital after infection are 10 times more than those who have taken the vaccine. Shereef Elnahal, CEO of University Hospital in Newark, said that reaching the hospital after infection is important, because if the severity of the disease is high, then it is necessary to reach the hospital. After taking both doses of the vaccine, the chances of reaching the hospital are greatly reduced. This is a big deal for the vaccine.

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