When is sleep necessary for good heart health? Study reveals best sleep time

Sleeping time linked with Heart Health: Going to sleep at the right time and getting enough sleep is very important for good health. It works to keep our body and brain ‘heal’ and we have been hearing this thing since childhood that to stay healthy, one should make a habit of sleeping early and getting up early in the morning. But now another important thing has come to the fore in this regard. In which the relation of sleeping time to heart health has been told. In fact, researchers have claimed on the basis of the study that going to sleep between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock in the night reduces the risk of heart diseases. An international team of researchers said in their study that people who go to sleep between 10 am and 11 pm are less likely to be at risk of heart diseases than those who go to sleep earlier or later. This Study ECS (ESC) That is, in the European Heart Journal – Digital Health, the journal of the European Society of Cardiology. published happened.

Worked at the University of Exeter, UK and author of this study Dr. David Planes According to, ‘Our body has an internal clock of 24 hours, which is called circadian rhythm. This internal clock helps in regulating our physical and mental work. Although we cannot conclude its function from our study, the results suggest that sleeping early or late may be more likely to disrupt the body clock. Which can have an adverse effect on heart health.

Sleep onset and heart disease!
Explain that the relationship between sleep duration and heart diseases has been investigated in several analyzes. But till now the relationship between sleeping time and heart disease has not been known. An attempt has been made to find out this relationship in this new study. This included reports from a large number of adults, which explored the association between sleep onset and heart disease.

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study like this
The study involved 88026 people recruited from the UK Biobank between 2006 and 2010. It included people between 43 and 79 years old. Their average age was 61 years. Of which 58 percent were women. Data were collected on sleep onset and wake time over 7 days using a wrist-worn accelerometer. Apart from this, a questionnaire was filled to find out the lifestyle, health and physical status of the participants.

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What happened in the study?
Researchers monitored 5 years 7 months and it came out that heart disease was seen in 3172 participants (3.6 percent). Those who went to sleep between 10 am and 10.59 pm suffered more than those who went to sleep at midnight or later.

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