When traveling in flight with a child, keep these things in mind

Parenting Tips: Traveling with small children is not easy, especially in today’s time, it is a bit difficult to take children in buses, trains and even flights. When children have to travel in a flight, then the difficulty becomes double. But even if your pediatrician has given you permission to travel with the child. So keep these things in mind. With these things, your child will be able to travel in the flight comfortably and he will not have any problem.

child ticket

If the child is above 2 years of age, then obviously it is necessary to take his flight ticket. And it is also important to know that the full ticket of the child is charged in the flight. If you are traveling with an infant, then definitely take some things with you. Because they may have some problem in the flight.

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Make sure to pack formula, milk, juice

If you are traveling with a child, then take breast milk, formula, juice, whatever the child eats, carry those things with you in a small bag. Don’t worry that all these things will be taken out at the airport. When you have a small child, you can take all these things with you.

Keep in mind the time before boarding

It can be a little difficult to seduce a child by standing in a long line. That’s why you let your partner board first, and go for boarding yourself later. This way the child will get to spend time outside.

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relieve earache

Elders often feel pain due to air pressure in the ear while sitting in a flight. Children can also have ear pain. So try to feed the baby before landing and take off. With this, when he eats or drinks something, it will reduce ear pain.

don’t hesitate to ask for help

Many times it happens that children refuse to drink cold milk. In such a situation, you can ask the flight attendant or air hostess to heat the baby’s bottle. And he’ll help you do that too.

keep these things

Keep a burp cloth along with the child’s favorite book, toys and medicines. If the child cries, try to seduce him with all these things.

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