Where are the parents making mistakes in raising their children? know from expert

Where are the parents going wrong : In today’s lifestyle, due to loneliness and sadness in life, some youths take the path of drugs. It has been seen that in spite of the resourceful and intelligent parents, some young people fall prey to bad habits like drugs. And make it your weakness. After all, what is the reason behind it? Is it not so that we (parents) teach children the equation of life, but forget to give them the philosophy of life? On this subject, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Neelima Pandey writes in Hindustan newspaper that I see many such people in my work space who grew up in very affluent families, but they themselves joined the society. And today he is working in such places, where he does not even have a toilet.

Dr Neelima has suggested some tips, which every parent needs to work on. We have to think whether we are doing something wrong?

understand being young
According to Dr Neelima, youth and adolescents have some basic psychological needs. Such as understanding unknown things, confidence and autonomy. The paradox with this is that they like to be organized. They want friends, they want people. It is the youth who bring the revolution, so the world looks towards the youth only for the sake of newness and experimentation.

The first step is to build a moral
It is important for parents to increase the morale of their child, motivate him to move forward. Because of this, he decides his life. The understanding of good and bad in life creates difference and builds its morale. This understanding comes from the family environment. If he has seen competition in the house since childhood, then it would be useless for him to question the sheep. He will not be able to stand against peer pressure i.e. peer pressure.
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Critical Aptitude is also important
If the child has not been exposed to critical thinking even during education, then it is understood that the work has been done. Here it is meant to question, to understand the meaning of things, to understand their meaning and to be assertive towards ideas. This understanding is very helpful in deciding good and bad.

don’t underestimate kids
Our children understand things much more than us. That’s why the dialogue between you and your child should go on. And if you are not able to pay attention to it, then you can take the help of professionals.

If you have to scold again and again
If you need to scold your child again and again, then focus on yourself, maybe he is not able to understand your point of view. Professionals and live coaching are effective in such cases.

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group positive activities
Involve adolescent children in positive group activities. Put him in activities like scouts, NCC, sports. Where he finds a positive expression of his existence.

abstain from misbehavior
Children understand Pseudo very quickly. Therefore, whatever reason you give behind going to the party every weekend or doing something expensive, give it thoughtfully and truthfully. With this your direction will also be right.

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