Who gave the name ‘cotton candy’ to the ‘old lady’s hair’ sold in the streets? Learn interesting anecdote

Know About Cotton Candy : In childhood, almost everyone must have eaten cotton candy, it will have different names everywhere, but the taste and appearance are almost the same. In some places this cotton candy is also called Hawa Mithai, old lady’s hair or doll’s hair. Mostly this pink colored candy was easily available in the streets. The sweetness of this sweet candy that looks like cotton and dissolves in the mouth, even today, the sweetness dissolves in the mouth. Earlier, this cotton candy was the center of attraction in fairs and gatherings. Even today its popularity is so much that now it has also made its place in the stalls of wedding and birthday parties, do you know where this tasty and unique thing was first made?

According to the news published in Amar Ujala newspaper, there was a dentist named Williams James Morrison in America, he was always engaged in making new and unique things. In the year 1897, James Morrison, along with a confectioner John C Wharton, created a machine that made cotton candy by swirling hot sugar. At that time it was a unique invention in itself.

Exhibited at the fair for the first time
About 7 years after the making of this machine, in 1907, Williams James Morris presented his new product to the public for the first time at the St. Louis World Fair. Gradually this machine became quite famous among the people. In America, it was named ‘fairy floss’.

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The machine made cotton candy sold in the fair was white in color and its taste was not very special, but still its texture attracted people. Till the last day from the start of the fair, about 68 thousand machines of cotton candy were sold.

How did Cotton Candy get its name?
After this, in the year 1921, more dentist Joseph Lascaux claimed to have made another cotton candy machine. It is said that Loscox is credited with naming this cotton-like thing ‘Cotton Candy’. The real reason behind this is said to be that cotton is made from the fibrous flowers on the tree. Whereas while making candy, a small amount of sugar is swirled in the machine so that it takes a cotton-like shape.

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When did the candy machine become automatic?
With the passage of time, many changes came in the cotton candy machine. In the year 1970, another cotton candy machine came which was fully automatic. No person was needed to operate this machine, it could make cotton candy on its own.

Changes in color and taste over time
After the arrival of the cotton candy machine , its color remained pink and in some places blue for a long time . Although its taste was only sweet, but now it can be seen in many colors like green, purple etc. Now the taste of cotton candy has also arrived, in it the flavors have come from sour mango to ginger. How famous cotton candy is, it can also be gauged from the fact that ‘National Cotton Candy Day’ is also celebrated every year in America on 7 December.

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