Why are people changing food habits in the UK? Know what is the new food trend ‘5:2 diet’

Britain’s New Food Trend ‘5:2 Diet’ : A new trend has been seen in Britain these days. This new trend has been named ‘5:2 Diet (5:2 Diet)’. That is, eating vegetarian food for 5 days a week (not harmful to the environment), non-veg food for two days, is to be taken in the diet. According to the news report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, this disclosure was made on the basis of catering for British people. वेटरोज (Waitrose) recently released food and drink report has been done in. It has also been told in this report that British people are now preferring home cooked food instead of packaged food. In this report examining the changes in food during the last year, it has been said in this report that people of Britain who are fond of eating outside stayed in homes for a long time due to Corona. That’s why he started enjoying making good dishes at home. Even people stopped ordering their favorite sandwiches.

Bumper increase in sales of champagne and air fryers
It has been told in this report that instead of going out to eat in Britain, now the trend of small parties at home has started increasing. Therefore, the sale of champagne has increased by 40% compared to last year. Platforms like Tiktok and Instagram have also encouraged people to eat homemade dishes. The Tiktok trend of making pasta chips at home has increased the sales of air fryers by 400%. At the same time, it has also been seen that through the food delivery app, people have started ordering similar things, which can be made at home. Along with this, people are taking the help of Tiktok and YouTube for cooking tips.

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A big conference on climate change is going to be held in Britain from October 31. Therefore, the results of the report are important.

The effect of Prince Charles’ appeal
Recently, Prince Charles of Britain appealed to the countrymen not to eat non-veg and dairy products on certain days of the week to reduce the environmental problems. But the people of Britain started taking this issue seriously from the time of Corona. This new trend of food is the result of this. People are now working on more methods for environmental protection. This includes preventing wastage by donating extra leftover food and not buying packaged grocery items.

People searching for healthy food options
It has been said in this report that even during online search, people are looking for healthy options of food. Waitrose’s site saw a 65% increase in searches for barbecued watermelon recipes. On the other hand, there was a 171% increase in searches for the dish of Knickerbocker Glory (Ice Cream).

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Apart from this, the sale of Japanese dish sushi made from rice and vinegar increased by 54%. At the same time, the sale of vegetables and spices was seen more by 41%. At the same time, the demand for readymade products of the store has decreased. This includes products like ready-to-eat sandwiches and sauces.

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