Why should not sit in the toilet for more than 10 minutes, the doctor explained the whole story

Spend more than 10 minutes on toilet may cause of piles: There is no shortage of people who spend a long time in the toilet. Most of the people go to the toilet and either read newspaper or watch mobile or start doing some business work. If you also fall in this category, then be careful because this habit can prove to be harmful for you. Dr. Karan Rajan, an NHS surgeon in the UK, cautions that spending more than 10 minutes in the toilet can cause piles or piles. Hemorrhoids can be caused by spending time for a long time. He has explained this in detail by sharing a video on social media.

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Piles occurs due to pressure on unnecessary veins

Dr Karan Rajan is a Clinical Professor at Imperial College London. Dr Rajan keeps sharing regular medical advice on social media. In the latest video, he has told the right way to sit on the toilet seat to avoid piles. He has shared this video on YouTube. It has become viral as soon as the video is shared. In the video, Dr. Rajan has given three important tips related to toilets. In the video, Dr Rajan has asked his followers not to sit on the toilet seat for a long time. Try not to sit in the toilet for more than 10 minutes. He said that gravity cannot be your friend. It always pulls things towards itself. Therefore, when you sit on the toilet sheet, the flow of blood is downward in the direction of gravity, which puts pressure on the veins and there is a risk of haemorrhage i.e. piles or piles.

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Stress can cause blood vessels to swell

Dr. Karan Rajan told that if you sit on the toilet seat for a long time, then the flow of blood will start increasing downwards. This will increase the unnecessary pressure on the rectal veins, which will lead to the risk of haemorrhage i.e. piles or piles. So try not to spend more than 10 minutes in the toilet. Her second advice is that whenever you go to the toilet, don’t take stress. He said that when you sit on the toilet seat under stress, then there is more pressure on the back side, which can lead to swelling of the blood vessels. Due to this there is a risk of piles or piles. Giving a third and important suggestion, Dr. Karan said that to avoid piles, consume 2 to 30 grams of fiber daily.

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