Women are better bosses than men, they are also adept at cracking deals – Study

Women Boss Better take care of Employees  : In today’s era, women are not behind men in any field. If we talk about Business and Entrepreneurship, then there is also a significant share of women. Till some time ago, the attitude of the people regarding the female boss was not good, but now gradually a big change has been seen in this thinking. According to a survey, now apart from women, men are also more like working with female bosses. It has also been seen that in the offices where the boss is female, the performance of the employees also improves manifold. In this regard, SCIKEY, a well-known name of the job market, selected a total of 5388 people in the age group of 22 to 47 years from across the country. All of them were working with male and female bosses in different companies. Survey It was found in the study that employees working with senior women are more satisfied with their work. The reason for this was said to be that female bosses maintain a better rapport with their employees.

Women bosses pay more attention to the professional growth of the employees and are always ready for that if they need better training. This only improves the performance of the employees.

working in stressful places
According to the study, in stressful workplaces, female bosses are able to work better in senior positions than men. The results of the study showed that 6.67 percent of women were able to work better in senior positions compared to 4.96 percent of men in stressful places.

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Making the right decision during the deal
It also came out in this study that the ability to take the right decision through negotiation during a deal in a female boss is much better than that of men. According to the survey, only 1.11 percent of male bosses proved to be good results through conversation. At the same time, in the case of female boss, this figure was 1.37 percent.

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ability to harmonize
Researchers say that women come in contact with socially different people. Due to which they have more ability to establish good rapport through conversation.

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