Working in bad posture can cause slip disc, these can also be the reason

Know About Slip Discs Causes And Treatment : It is generally believed that due to an accident or lifting heavy things, there is a problem of slip discs, but let us tell that these days this problem has increased very fast among the youth. The main reason for this is the increasing inactivity and hours of working on a laptop with bad posture. Experts say that in the last few years, this problem has increased very fast among the youth below 40 years of age and they are making rounds of doctors and clinics to get rid of it.

what is slip disc

Healthline According to this, our spine consists of a series of bones which are connected to each other. From top to bottom are the first 7 cervical spines, 12 thoracic spines, 5 lumbar spines, between which these discs are present which act as cushions. These discs protect these bones from shaking during activities like walking, running, bending.

when is the problem

The disc actually has two parts, one which acts like the outer ring while the other part is the soft part inside it. When there is any kind of problem in these, then we feel pain, discomfort. When these slip discs compress the surrounding nerves, then unbearable pain and numbness are felt in the hands, feet etc.

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That’s why slip disc happens

– not being physically active

– sitting for long periods of time in poor posture

-weakness of muscles

– lifting heavy objects by bending over

– Incorrect twisting or bending of the body

– lifting more weight

– spinal cord injury

-growing old

know how do

First of all, doctors do physical examination by touching. After this, to understand the disturbances in the spinal cord and surrounding muscles, they recommend X-rays, CT scans, MRI and discograms etc. After this the correct information of spinal cod comes out.

this is the treatment

Generally it has been found that in 90 percent of the cases no operation is needed. It completely depends on your pain and the condition of the slip disc. Usually doctors instruct to do physiotherapy, exercise, walking, stretching etc. Apart from this, hot compress also provides a lot of relief. Even after this, if the patient does not get relief, then doctors give medicine to relax the muscles. Apart from this, necrotics medicines are also given to relieve pain. But if it does not come under control for 6 weeks, then it is corrected by surgery. If surgery is not done, it starts affecting other discs which can bring more trouble.

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Delay in treatment may increase the risk

If it is not treated in time, the nerves can be permanently damaged. A slip disc can numb the nerve impulses in the lower back and legs. This can cause the person to lose control of the rectum or bladder. In fact, the slip disc compresses the nerves and stops sensation in the inner part of the thighs, the back of the legs and the area around the rectum. Due to which the leg can become paralyzed and you may have problem in passing stools and urine.

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