World Diabetes Day: What is the meaning of low and high blood sugar in diabetes, know their symptoms and harm

New Delhi. Today is World Diabetes Day, so in ‘Sehat Ki Baat’ today we will talk about some questions related to diabetes. First of all, let’s talk about that question, which comes first in the mind as soon as the name of diabetes is mentioned. Low blood sugar and high blood sugar. What do these two mean in diabetes? What are their symptoms? Also, what are the consequences of ignoring them?

To know the answer to all these questions, we spoke to Dr. Ambareesh Mithal, Chairman, Max Institute of Endocrinology and Diabetes. Come, know the words of Dr. Ambareesh Mithal, the answers to all the questions related to diabetes.

What is low and high blood sugar?
According to Dr. Ambareesh Mithal, high blood sugar is called the disease of diabetes. Generally what we call low sugar, it is only for the patient of diabetes. Actually, when diabetic patients are taking some such strong medicines, which can reduce the sugar level rapidly. At the same time, patients of high blood sugar do not follow their routine, food and time table, even in such a situation there is a possibility of diabetes patients to have low blood sugar.

According to Dr. Mithal, having a blood sugar label without diabetes or diabetes medicine is uncommon and rare. Low sugar label is more dangerous than high blood sugar. Therefore, those whose blood sugar label remains high, they should take special care of their routine, food and medicine.

What are the symptoms of high blood sugar
According to Dr. Ambareesh Mithal, primary symptoms of high blood sugar are often not there. If someone’s sugar is running 200, 250 or 300, then many times he does not even know that he has high blood sugar. Symptoms of high blood sugar appear after reaching the value of 400 – 500. The symptoms that come at that time include symptoms such as excessive thirst, excessive urination, rapid weight loss and dehydration.

On increasing the label of sugar, sometimes symptoms like dizziness, feeling strange and weakness start coming in it. If the sugar is too uncontrollable, then symptoms like breathlessness can also occur.

What are the symptoms of low blood sugar
According to Dr. Ambareesh Mithal, it seems very strange to hear that the disease is of high blood sugar, but the syndrome of low blood sugar looks completely clear. He told that if we took insulin or ate the tablet and did not eat food that day, then there could be blood sugar. Low blood sugar means, when the value of sugar is less than 70, it is called low blood sugar. In low blood sugar, it seems that we are syncing all of a sudden.

Apart from this, the heart feels like sitting, there is a feeling of nervousness, the heartbeat becomes faster. The hands start trembling, and suddenly there is a lot of hunger. It seems to eat something quickly, lest we faint.

Ignoring blood sugar is dangerous
According to Dr. Ambareesh Mithal, if blood sugar is happening and you do not pay attention to its symptoms, then you can also faint. Before fainting, it will feel like there is dizziness, darkness is coming right in front of the eyes. And I am not able to stand or even sit, these are signs of low blood sugar. He told that sometimes the symptoms of low and high blood pressure also look the same.

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