World Heart Day 2021: How to keep heart diseases away from heart, know Dr. Sunil Bamal’s tips

World Heart Day, Dr Sunil Bamel Exclusive: World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September. The purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness among people about heart health. By the way, not only on this day, but every day your heart should be taken care of, but if till now you have been showing carelessness about your health for some reason, then from today itself you can take a step towards healthy life.

Discussing this topic with News18, Dr. Sunil Bamel, Cardiologist, Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Delhi, answers every important question about heart related problems and heart care. Knowing is important for people of all ages.

1) At what age do most people come to hospitals for cardiac treatment?

MD, MD, DM Cardiology (MD, DM Cardiology) Dr Sunil said that most of the 50+ age group people come to the hospital due to cardiac problems. According to him, people of this age usually have a problem of coronary blockage. However, the doctor also informed that young patients also come to him. That is, it is not that people related to the heart are there only in old age.

2) People do not come for treatment in time

According to the cardiologist, most of the patients are not able to reach in time for medical treatment or consultation. He told the big reason for this that when people feel chest problem or other problem, people themselves assume that it might be happening due to gas, acidity etc.

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3) Lack of awareness among people
According to the information, many people do not want to go to the doctor because they feel that they will go to the hospital, there will be expensive tests and if nothing comes out then money will be wasted. The doctor says that if nothing bad comes out in the investigation, then it should be a matter of happiness for the people. However, many people are not able to get the test done in time due to reasons like being away from the hospital, lack of information etc.

4) What symptoms should one be alert to?
Dr Sunil explains that usually 4 types of symptoms appear first.

– Chest Pain

– Fatigue

– shortness of breath while working

Palpitation means feeling of palpitations

Dizziness or fainting has also been reported in many cases.

5) Which people are more prone to heart related diseases?
According to the information received from Dr Bamal, people who are overweight or who have problems with sugar, BP, high cholesterol, they are more prone to heart disease. He told that people who drink or smoke more and follow a sedentary lifestyle are more at risk.

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6) Are heart diseases genetic?
Giving important information on this subject, the expert said that if someone’s family has heart related problems, then the chances of their heart becoming unhealthy increases. For example, he said that if the father of one person died at the age of 50 due to heart attack and the father of another person is still healthy at the age of 70, then it is very likely that the first person will die early. Had to face problems related to heart. However, if people take care of their food and health from the beginning, then this danger can be reduced.

7) How can heart attack be prevented from coming?
Dr Bamal told that 2 types of patients come to him. One is those who have already had a heart attack and the other is those who have a blockage in their coronary. The former are those with Stable Coronary Artery Disease. At the same time, there are others with Unstable Coronary Artery Disease. Out of these, those who are unstable, ie those who have blockages in the coronary, still reach the hospital in time, but if people with stable coronary artery disease consult a doctor in time and start medical treatment, then heart attack can be avoided to a great extent.

8) How do parents take care of their children’s heart health?
Sunil Bamal said, ‘To keep children’s health healthy, parents have to be their role model.’

9) How to know healthy looking people have heart risk or not?
Many people, despite looking fit, fall prey to heart-related diseases. In this case, the doctor has advised that any person can check it online. For this the help of ASCVD Risk Calculator can be taken. If the risk factor is high, then treatment can also be done in time.

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10) How to keep the heart healthy?
– good lifestyle
– controlling obesity
– do not drink alcohol
– don’t smoke
Do regular yoga and meditation
– Exercise and workout daily
– eat healthy food
Don’t consume too much caffeine
– get plenty of sleep
Do not take steroids to get a good body
Get regular body checkups
– Consult a doctor

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