World Heart Day 2021: Why World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September, know its history and importance

World Heart Day Significance: World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September. The purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness among people about heart health. Celebrating World Heart Day was first started in the year 2000. world heart federation According to this, earlier it was decided that every year it should be celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of September, but in the year 2014, the date of 29 September was fixed to celebrate this special day. Let us tell you that it was first celebrated on 24 September 2000.

heart problem in corona

Today its importance has increased in the era of Corona, when heart-related problems are increasing rapidly in the midst of the epidemic. Doctors are also indicating that due to the corona epidemic, there has been a decrease in the activity of people and a large number of people are being drawn towards heart-related diseases. In such a situation, it is important that they keep getting regular check-ups and follow a better lifestyle even in the midst of all the circumstances.

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What is its importance?

According to the World Heart Federation, 18.6 million people worldwide die every year due to heart-related diseases. It has become the biggest cause of death of people worldwide. Inactive lifestyle and bad food habits have also increased the risk of heart diseases among youth above 35 years of age. In the last 5 years, the number of people suffering from heart problems has increased rapidly. In which most of the people are men and women in the age group of 30-50 years.

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How to participate in the campaign

World Heart Federation is running a campaign this year that people, family, society, government all join this campaign and take part in the activity to keep yourself and others healthy to keep your heart better. People of all countries should participate in this and run a campaign to control CVC i.e. Cardiovascular Disease. For this people can make posters and share on their social media handles. The Federation says that 80 percent of premature deaths can be prevented if people live a better life by getting out of the risk factor i.e. tobacco consumption, unhealthy diet, inactive life.

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