World Heart Day: Why does heart attack happen in puberty and how to avoid it? Learn Expert’s Opinion

World Heart Day: World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September by the World Heart Federation with the aim of making people aware about heart related diseases. The year when it was started in association with the World Health Organization was 1999. At that time it was decided that World Heart Day would be celebrated in the last week of September, so the first World Heart Day was celebrated on 24 September 2000. But this trend continued till the year 2011, then from 2012 onwards, this day was celebrated on 29 September. Today, people in the age group of 30-35 years are getting heart-related diseases, in most of the cases they do not even know which disease is taking place in the body. The matter increases to such an extent that there is no time to reach the doctor.

In a report published in Dainik Jagran, Dr. Naresh Trehan, Senior Heart Specialist and Chairman of Medanta Medcity Gurugram, says that even young people who look perfectly fit in the age group of 30 to 35 are also vulnerable to heart attack. It is a matter of great concern. Along with this, it is also raising many such questions in front of us that how to know it? Meaning, what is the way by which it can be known that at any time such a disease can come that we do not even get time to go to the doctor? What are the precautions that should be taken, what are the changes in the body that should be considered as a sign of this?

blockage in coronary artery
According to Dr Naresh Trehan, coronary artery blockage is the leading cause of heart attack and sudden death. If there is a blockage in the coronary artery, the risk of heart attack and sudden death increases by 20 percent. He told that many times it has been seen that when there is tension, while exercising, while running, there is a sudden heart attack. You must have heard many times that a person slept at night laughing perfectly, he did not have any stress or depression, but he did not wake up in the morning. At the same time, it has also been seen many times that a 30-year-old man who looked absolutely fit was running on the treadmill, suddenly he died. So all this does not happen suddenly, somewhere they must have had some problem before, which they did not know.

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heart disease rate in india
If we talk about the risk of heart-related diseases in India, then it is much higher than the western countries. While in a country like America 4-5 percent people are suffering from heart disease, in India this number is 10 to 12 percent. Not only this, heart disease occurs in India at a young age of 10 years as compared to America. Meaning in simple language, heart disease in America is between 50-60 years of age, whereas in India, only between 40-50 years of age, heart-related diseases engulf the person. In this case, it is then treated by stent or bypass surgery.

Be alert if you have diabetes
According to Dr Trehan, normally, the risk of heart disease is 5 percent, but if the parents have many diseases, then its risk remains high. For example, the risk of coronary artery blockage is high in diabetic patients. If one of the parents has diabetes, then the child has a 25% chance of developing diabetes. And if both the parents have this disease, then the chances of getting it in the children becomes 50 percent.

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These tests are necessary
Get an objective health checkup done after the age of 30. This is a complete health checkup. By which the risk factors are known. Whether cholesterol is not high, there is no fat in the blood, BP level, thyroid level etc. If someone in the family has a history of BP-sugar, then the test should be done in 25 years only.

CT angiography
If your test shows signs of something wrong. Or if there is a family history, chest pain or any other problem, then after this the body is screened by CT angiography. Treatment is started as soon as the disease is detected, medicines, guards and exercises are beneficial in this.

avoid bradycardia
This is a matter related to heart beat. Meaning that if our heart beat rate is from 70 to 84, then it is considered normal. But if it goes towards 90 then it will be considered fast. If the heartbeat is low, there is a situation of bradycardia, what happens in this that the heart is not able to pump blood easily. But sometimes it is also caused by medicines of blood pressure or any other disease.
In such a situation, the electrical system is then examined, which is called electrophysiology in medical language. In this test, the gap between heart beats is checked during many activities. If the gap is more than 3 seconds then it is considered dangerous. In such a situation, many times the victims can go into complete heart blockage, which is treated only by implanting a pacemaker.

be alert
If you are screaming in tension and feel like pressure in the chest, pain and blockage in the throat, then be alert. But these signs are not found in diabetic patients. Because in diabetes the nerves of the patients get damaged.
If the muscles are genetically thick, then there may be a problem.

Lifestyle change necessary
Make regular exercise a part of lifestyle, jogging, treadmill or exercise.
Stay away from sugar, white rice, maida and potatoes. If you have diabetes, leave them immediately.
Use only 15 ml of oil a day.
– Stop using fat butter
Change the cooking oil every 6 months
Take a nutritious and balanced diet
– Keep weight under control
Quit smoking, alcohol and tobacco.

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