World Physiotherapy Day: Not only in treatment, physiotherapy is also effective in keeping players fit

World Physiotherapy Day: World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated on 8 September. Let us tell you that physiotherapy is such a treatment technique in which muscles are activated through exercise. This means that if you have pain in any part of your body and you do not want to take medicines, then there is no need to worry. Through physiotherapy, you can overcome your pain without taking medicine, but for this it is necessary to take the advice of a physiotherapist. In today’s hectic life, it is most important to take some time for your participation and physiotherapy is very important to stay physically fit and fit.

In a report published in Dainik Jagran, Senior Physiotherapist Dr. Best Chauhan explains that if someone has suffered a serious injury during an accident or sports or is a patient of Paralysis, then after treatment, many parts of his body can be made active. Physiotherapy has played an important role. You must have seen that like a trainer in any sport, his physio also works with the team and makes the player physically fit. Players are able to give good performance only with the enthusiasm and hard work of a physio.

We usually get many types of injuries during work. According to Dr. Chauhan, we call these work related injuries. It is possible to treat them with physiotherapy.

Carpal tunnel syndrome
This problem is usually caused by sitting at the computer for a long time. When we use the keyboard and mouse more, it causes faster registering of the thumb and fingers. This pain occurs due to pressure on the nerve inside the wrist.

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Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow
There is such a pain in the elbow which is on the outside and on the inside. According to Dr. Chauhan, this happens due to overwork of the muscles and the reason for this is also more friction of the elbow.

Cervical Spondylitis
Dr. Chouhan told that it has become a common problem in today’s era. Working in one place for a long time causes muscle strain. Due to which tingling also arises in the hands.

This is a kind of internal change, which we get to know for a long time. Due to which the joints start filling like water and later it causes pain.

Physio behind the performance of the players

In the true sense, the physiotherapist (Physio) correctly assesses the ability of the player and the performance of the game. With this, it is decided which exercises should be done, so that the player can play well.

According to the muscle and strength of the player, the physio train him for strength conditioning exercises, so that he can be ready for better performance in less time.

Physio prepares the player in such a way that he is least injured and can complete his game. So that their performance is not hindered.

It would also have been important for the physio that if a player gets hurt, but he has to be sent back to the field soon. In such a situation, the physio prepares the player both mentally and physically for this.

There are many sports in which injury is more. Like football, knee injuries are very common in this. If this injury is of grade one or two, then with the help of physio, its recovery is done to a great extent and no operation is required. In this, the player is again in the field in a very short time.

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