World Pneumonia Day 2021: Know why World Pneumonia Day is celebrated, this is the theme of this year

World Pneumonia Day 2021: Every year in the world on 12 November i.e. World Pneumonia Day (World Pneumonia Day) is celebrated. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to create awareness and seriousness about the disease of pneumonia among the common people. Pneumonia usually develops early in young children, although pneumonia can occur at any age. In pneumonia, the lungs become infected. In such a situation, due to filling of fluid or pus, problems like phlegm, fever, difficulty in breathing start. If it is treated on time, then the patient gets cured, but in case of slight negligence, the patient’s condition can become serious. Sometimes this disease becomes fatal. Viruses, bacteria and many other types of micro-organisms are the main cause of pneumonia.

started because of
People have become very aware about pneumonia now, but till a few years ago, such a situation was not there. People generally used to take this disease very lightly, due to which many lives were lost every year around the world. A large number of children also fell prey to pneumonia. It was decided to celebrate World Pneumonia Day to make people aware around the world.

In this episode, World Pneumonia Day was celebrated for the first time on 12 November 2009 by the ‘Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia’. The purpose behind celebrating this day was to get the participation of the general public so that people can become aware of this disease in the world as soon as possible.

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symptoms of pneumonia
Pneumonia usually starts with a cold. When the infection starts increasing in the lungs, there is difficulty in breathing with high fever. There is a complaint of chest pain. Along with this, the patient also starts coughing. Children under the age of five may sometimes have a cough and shortness of breath without fever, which can lead to pneumonia.

This is the purpose of celebrating this day
The basic motive behind celebrating World Pneumonia Day is to create awareness among the people. Apart from this, the main objective of this is to prevent pneumonia of children all over the world, so that they can get timely treatment. One of the purposes of celebrating this day is also to reduce the mortality rate of children below the age of five years due to this disease. This disease causes the death of millions of people every year. A large number of children are involved in this.

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theme of the year 2021
Every year the celebration of World Pneumonia Day is based on some or the other theme. This year’s theme is ‘Stop Pneumonia, Every Breath Counts’. Through this theme, once again people will be made aware of this deadly disease. The theme focuses on prevention of pneumonia and the cost of every breath.

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