World pneumonia day 2021: Pneumonia, diabetes and transplant patients are at increased risk, not just children’s disease

New Delhi. Winters have started. This is a season in which neither winter nor summer is known. Many diseases show their outbreak in the changing season, but pneumonia is the main among them. Thousands of children and adults die every year in rural and urban areas of India due to this disease, especially affecting the lungs. In 2018, the death of a child was recorded every hour in the country due to pneumonia. At the same time, in 2017, 14 percent of children died due to this. Although experts believe that pneumonia is not just a disease of children. With this, even a healthy young body can end in just a few days.

Member of Indian Chest Society and well known of Lucknow Pulmonologist and Allergist Dr. AK Singh It is said that since Corona, the patients of fungal pneumonia have increased rapidly in the country. In this pneumonia there is an infection in the lungs which is clearly visible in the X-ray. Pneumonia is a dangerous disease in itself, but since it becomes very serious in children and older people, that is why people usually think that it is a disease in children. While it can also make a young person its victim. In many cases of death, it has been seen that within 4-5 days, severe pneumonia also takes life. It is seen in most of the cases that sepsis is a disease with pneumonia. With sepsis it becomes dangerous. In this, pneumonia reaches the blood through the lungs and affects the patient in a very serious way.

Increased risk of pneumonia in patients of these diseases
Dr. Singh says that pneumonia can happen to everyone, but now it is seen that people who have diabetes are catching pneumonia faster. After Kovid, pneumonia is being seen in many patients. Pneumonia engulfs rapidly even after a viral infection. It is now being seen that pneumonia is becoming more common in patients with kidney transplant and liver transplant. Earlier transplants were also less, now their number has increased a lot and this is the reason why pneumonia patients are increasing. Patients who have background lung diseases such as ILD, COPD, etc., are also at risk of developing pneumonia.

People who have been on steroids for a long time or are immunosuppressed, they are also catching pneumonia very quickly. People on lifesaving drugs also catch pneumonia quickly. Once pneumonia occurs, 5 to 10 percent of people admitted to the hospital can die. If these patients are so sick that they have to be kept in ICU, then the mortality rate goes up to 30 percent. The immune function is responsible for this disease.

Keep these five things in mind

, Dr. Singh says that pneumonia is an air-borne disease and directly attacks the lungs. Therefore, it is important that whenever you go out in cold weather, go out carefully. Even if the weather is hot at that time. From September to November, sometimes because of the heat, sometimes due to the cold, people are careless and fall prey to pneumonia.

, If the person is having yellow colored mucus with cough. Along with this, high fever is coming and the person feels a lot of pain in taking long breaths, then there is pneumonia. This pain can be on one side of the chest and also on both the sides. However, if any two of these three symptoms are common, then in such a situation the person needs to go to the doctor and get tested. Sometimes it has been seen that there is no high fever but there are other two symptoms even then there is pneumonia.

Take great care of your health in the changing season. Especially patients with kidney or liver transplant and diabetes. Along with taking care of food and drink, be careful while going out. Do not ignore the difficulty in breathing.

, People also do home remedies in pneumonia, but after two days if the disease is increasing instead of decreasing, then take treatment without delay. In this, the infection in the lungs spreads very fast and it leads to death.

It is the most important thing that pneumonia also happens to the elders and after covid it occurs in the youth from the youth to the jawans. In such a situation, people should not ignore any symptom. Control diabetes. Isolate the patient with hygiene. Wear a mask Keep immunity strong with food. Vaccines are available for pneumonia, in such a situation, people can protect themselves by getting a vaccine. Since it has not been made necessary like Kovid, so people do not get them, but people who are already in the grip of diseases must use these vaccines.

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