World Rabies Day: This infection caused by animals is very dangerous, know symptoms and treatment

World Rabies Day 2021: World Rabies Day is celebrated every year on 28 September. Rabies is an infection caused by the bite of some animals. When an infected animal bites a human, this virus along with its saliva (saliva) reaches the body through blood and causes infection. It is very important to treat it at the right time and seriously. Rabies is a very deadly virus, which infects humans and animals.

This infection attacks the central nervous system and mind and if its symptoms start showing, it can be fatal but if you take the right steps on time then this disease can be prevented. Former Joint Director of Uttar Pradesh Animal Husbandry Department Dr. C.K. Shukla has talked in detail about rabies in Dainik Jagran newspaper.

Infection proves fatal
According to Dr Shukla, there is no risk of infection with the rabies vaccine, but if you have been a victim of the bite of an infected animal, then take it seriously as it is not clear that the animal who bit you Whether he was infected with the virus or not. If ignored, this infection proves to be fatal. This is an infection whose symptoms take time to appear. In some cases, its symptoms start appearing in three to four weeks, while sometimes it may take a few months.

Who can get the infection?
In the report published in the newspaper, Dr Shukla says that most of the cases of rabies in India are due to dog bites, while the infection of this virus is also caused by the bites of monkeys, horses, bats. It is not that it is transmitted only when an infected animal bites a human. If an infected animal bites another animal, then that animal also becomes vulnerable to infection. Let us tell you that rabies vaccine is easily available in the market. Apart from this, its vaccine is administered free of cost to the infected in government health centers.

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It is also caused by animal licking
There is often a question in people’s mind regarding rabies that can this infection also be caused by the bite of a pet? So in response to this question, Dr. Shukla says that it is not that rabies is caused only by the bite of a stray dog. Your pet can also be the reason for this. Therefore, the pet lover should definitely get him antidose of rabies on time. It is not that the pet does not get the antidose and if it bites, then there is a rabies infection. Many times, even after licking it with the love of the pet, infection can also occur from saliva.

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What changes happen in the patient?
On the basis of the initial symptoms of rabies infection, doctors can know whether the patient has been infected with rabies or not by doing a blood test on the basis of its initial symptoms. It is difficult for a person infected with rabies to be healthy and he becomes completely unhealthy and ignorant mentally. Due to this, his work, behavior, way of talking, everything changes. Therefore, keep emotional attachment with such patients and understand their suffering.

symptoms of illness
Rabies infection usually begins to appear within a few weeks or a maximum of three months. However, in some cases, the effect of its infection has been seen even after a year.
– Fever, headache.
Excessive saliva formation in the mouth.
– Lack of practical knowledge, mental neuroticism.
Violent activities.
– Very stimulating nature.
– Making strange sounds.
Hydrophobia (fear of water)
– Being lost in yourself.
– Tingling in the body.
– Swelling in the limbs.
– To become paralyzed.

What to do immediately if an animal bites?
If a monkey or a dog is bitten, immediately clean that place thoroughly with soap or antiseptic lotion. After that contact the doctor. Be sure to get rabies vaccine within 48 hours without delay.

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