World Smile Day 2021: Smile today on Smile Day and read this shayari

World Smile Day 2021 Shayari: Smiling not only makes the day better but also keeps the body healthy. Smiling can also be the reason for someone’s happiness. To show this importance of smile, every year since 1999, World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October, which is today. This day is to remind that no matter what the circumstances of life are, but laughter has a different significance. Laughing can keep a person physically and mentally healthy. If there is an atmosphere of laughter and happiness in any family, then everything is fine. Let us send messages to our loved ones through these shayari on the occasion of World Smile Day.

Happy laughter to these innocent people
wish you a happy anniversary

laughing at life
Khwaish-e-Marg Raises Head
(Vikas Sharma secret)

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There is laughter
what is your anjuman asking
(Happy Azimabadi)

Many sorrows will be hidden in laughter
just touch these laughers
(Human dignity)

In laughter, put off our every wish again
Once again slap our cheek a bit
(Zia Zamir)

The juice of the accent left a burst of laughter
He left his heart as he went
Anjum Irfani)

Mira cry is not funny
just hold on to your laughter
(Muztar Khairabadi)

Do I laugh at Hazrat-e-Insan
Fail-a-bad yourself, curse the devil
(Insha Allah Khan Insha)

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That’s when I heard his laughter
I was about to drool over the memory of him

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