World Spine Day 2021: Spinal pain affects the body and mind, experts told 5 things

World Spine Day 2021 : World Spine Day is celebrated every year on 16 October. In such a situation, this day is being celebrated today. Its aim is to spread awareness about diseases related to the spinal cord, as spinal disorders are one of the major causes of disability. This time the theme of World Spine Day 2021 is ‘Back to Back’. This theme is the need to re-heal and re-focus on spinal pain and disability. reflects. Let us tell you that an estimated 54 crore (540 million) people in the world suffer from low back pain at one time or another, it remains the leading cause of living with disability for years. In a news report published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, Spine Surgeon Dr Vinod Agarwal of Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai said, “Any type of damage to the spine affects blood circulation, respiration and touch. Weakness in muscles, pain in different parts of the body, even depression in many people also complains.

Dr Aggarwal has further said that the research of the National Institute of Health shows that the effect of spinal disturbances affects the person both physically and emotionally. He has told about 5 major effects on the body and mind due to damage to the spine.

back pain
Spine discs start compacting due to continuous bending. Also, due to less physical activity, the ligaments around the spine start tightening, this decreases the flexibility of the spine, due to which long sitting causes back pain.

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weak muscles
Due to the unnatural dilation of the spine arch, the muscles in and around the abdomen start to weaken, this happens due to long sitting.

Neck and shoulder pen
Neck pain occurs due to tension in the cervical vertebrae connecting the spine to the head, as well as damage to the muscles of the shoulders and back.

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brain fog complaint
Due to lack of movement, the amount of blood and oxygen reaching the brain starts decreasing, this also affects the ability to think. Which is called brain fog, during this time people are neither able to pay attention to their work nor in personal life. Sometimes a person starts behaving very silly or different.

effect on behavior
Neuroplasticity effect is caused by sitting for a long time, the activity of neurons ie information messengers is also weak, due to which the person becomes emotionally weak and depression increases.

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