World Teacher’s Day 2021: Today is World Teacher’s Day, send this message to your favorite teacher

World Teacher’s Day 2021 Wishes : Although Teachers’ Day is celebrated in India every year on 5th September, but exactly a month after that i.e. on 5th October, World Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over the world. World Teacher’s Day is celebrated to explain the importance of education in the world and the unprecedented contribution of teachers and their responsibilities in it. In order to promote the contribution of teachers in building a better society and to make teachers realize their hard work and their responsibilities, UNESCO had decided to celebrate this day as World Teachers’ Day from the year 1994 and since then it is celebrated every year all over the world. celebrated together.

Wish your favorite teacher

On this special day dedicated to all the teachers around the world, you can also express your gratitude for honoring your teacher. You may not be able to meet him during the Corona epidemic, but with the help of social media, you can wish him by sending your message or quotes, Facebook, WhatsApp wishes, SMS etc.

This is the special message

  1. The guru is the idol of the parents,

In this Kali-yuga, the appearance of God is Guru.

Happy World Teacher’s Day.

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  1. It burns like a lamp,

illuminates many lives,

In this way the guru performs his duty.

Happy World Teacher’s Day.

  1. Every road becomes easy, when the Guru’s support is there,

Then no matter how many changes come in life, rest is found only at the feet of the Guru.

Happy World Teacher’s Day.

  1. The best teacher is the one who, instead of answering your questions,

Helps ignite the spark within you to find the answer yourself.

Happy World Teacher’s Day.

  1. Who makes us human and gives us the identity of right and wrong,

Today we salute those manufacturers of the country.

Happy World Teacher’s Day.

6. The energy of the Guru is Sun-like, amber-like expansion.

Nowhere bigger than the dignity of the Guru.

Guru’s goodness is the only gift in the world.

Build the stone moment by moment, ready to be an idol.

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

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7. Teachers are like candles,

They light up the lives of us students by burning themselves!

every teacher in this world

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

  1. what to give guru-dakshina

I think in my mind

I can’t repay the loan

If I give my life too!!

Happy World Teacher’s Day!

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