World Tourism Day 2021: Today is World Tourism Day, know what is its history

World Tourism Day 2021: Who does not like to travel to new places. People enjoy traveling to new places and return with many memories. No matter how busy people are, but they definitely take out time to roam from this busy schedule. Some people like to travel with friends, while some plan trips with their families. But all the people roaming keep going from time to time. At the same time, tourism has become an employment in today’s time and many people’s homes run from this. Not only in India, but people go to every corner of the world and go there and see a different world from their perspective. Let us tell you that World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27 September. Let us tell you about its history and what is its theme this year.

History of World Tourism Day
The history of celebrating World Tourism Day is very important. World Tourism Day was started by the World Tourism Organization in the year 1970. After this, World Tourism Day was celebrated for the first time on 27 September 1980 and since then World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September every year. In October 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey, the 12th UNWTO General Assembly decided that each year one of the countries of the organization would be kept as a partner to celebrate World Tourism Day. In this vision, World Tourism Day was celebrated in the year 2006 in Europe, in 2007 in South Asia, in 2008 in America, in 2009 in Africa and in 2011 in the countries of the Middle East region. Let us tell you that the United Nations General Assembly decides the theme of World Tourism Day every year.

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Objective of celebrating world tourism day
Tourism increases employment rapidly and therefore this day is celebrated on a large scale to bring awareness about tourism among people and promote more and more tourism by World Tourism Day. Through this day, tourists from all over the country and abroad are attracted towards them. It also aims to rapidly increase employment for the people through tourism. When people go to visit a place, they stay there, roam in new places, do shopping and enjoy different types of food. This increases the income of the people doing business there and also creates employment opportunities.

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world tourism day theme
Every year this special day is celebrated with a theme. This year the theme of World Tourism Day 2021 is Tourism for Inclusive Growth.

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